Saturday, June 17, 2017

Part 2: Alex's 1st Week Math Camp Lecture Format / Student Explanation Guide

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this is part two of a two part series covering Alex's lectures / student guide 
for the 1st week of two of a summer math camp for middle schoolers.

As it is a 63 page document...
I included the first 33 pages in the previous article.


And there it is...
Alex's student guide for his 1st week of lectures 
at this summer's math camp for middle schoolers.

Once again...
I will be publishing Alex's student guide for his 2nd week of lectures
at this summer's math camp for middle schoolers...
in a few days.

In it...
Alex will cover different topics which will be invaluable for middle schoolers...
as well as for high schoolers.


  1. That is a LOT of material that Alex has prepared! What great practice for his eventual career! Plus, I'm sure the universities will consider this when evaluating his college applications.

  2. Alex loves putting together teaching material. I had to send him to bed early this morning. I thought he had gone to bed earlier, however, when I got up to get something to drink, he was typing away at his second week student guide...and it was past 12:30 AM. It is fun for Alex...even after studying all day.


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