Friday, June 30, 2017

Part 1 Of Part 2: 2nd Week Of Math Camp / Lecture Notes / Student Guide

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This is the student guide Alex had made for his recent lecture
at the math camp for his middle school students for week number 2.

This is the first part.
I will be publishing the 2nd part of this guide in my next article.

Alex has one more lecture later today.

He will finish off the math camp...
and these topics are what he will have completed by the end of today.

This is the elementary level for these topics.

Alex will also be making another student guide on 
these topics, except it will be more advanced in depth and breadth.

He will make his next student guide on these topics...
in a week or so.

Alex will also be making this last guide available on a website 
so his former students could study on their own over the summer.

We had arrived at the math camp early so Alex could set up his classroom.

Alex wrote a basic overview of this day's lesson on the board...
as the students kept arriving.

As more and more students kept arriving...I departed.


Alex received his first professional request today.

One of Alex's students at the math camp had really liked Alex's teaching...
and he is interested in competing in math competitions...

The student had probably learned of Alex winning the 2014 Nevada State Championship
for MATHCOUNTS...and so, wishes to learn how to be a strong math competitor
from Alex.

His father contacted Alex by email and wants to hire him over the summer
to be a private math tutor for his son.

Alex felt honored...
and he readily accepted.

He will be starting next week.

Not bad for a 16 year old  :)


this student guide covers some of Alex's lectures for the second week
of math camp...and it is for a basic understanding of these topics.

In a week or so...
Alex will be putting out a more advanced student guide on these same topics...
which will go more in depth so the students may learn on their own.

I will publish the next guide once Alex completes it in about one week.

I will publish the 2nd and last part of this particular guide...
in the next article.

once again...
Alex will then be publishing a more advanced guide in a week or so.

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