Thursday, June 8, 2017

Our Drive To Pasadena / Caltech Tour

Song:  Fantasy

Group:  Earth, Wind, And Fire

After awakening late in the morning in Las Vegas...
we then drove about four hours to reach Pasadena.

This was one of several solar power generators using a large farm of reflectors
which then concentrate the sun to a central collector tower.

I believe this then heats liquid sodium which then circulates through a heat exchanger...
which then superheats water.

 The resulting steam then spins turbines which
then produce electricity.

(I think I read about this during its construction many years ago...
I could be wrong).

After arriving at our hotel...
we then rested until supper time.

We then drove down to old town Pasadena to eat at this Dim Sum restaurant.

Their pork and shrimp Shumai was absolutely delicious.

Alex and I also ordered roast duck.

Alex liked it so much...
I gave him mine to eat also.

We had ordered various dim sum dishes...
and I just ate until I was full.

We then walked back to the car...
and drove back to the hotel and went to sleep early.

In the morning...
we drove to Caltech to get the information presentation from the 
Caltech admissions office.

This young man gave a very thorough and informative presentation.

He had proved himself to be very engaging, friendly...and quite humorous.

We were then set free to self tour around the campus.

As we had been here before during one of Alex's math competitions...
we just walked around a little while.

This was displayed in one of the student cafes.

This white board allowed students to post freely.
This was also in the cafe.

We then ate an early supper at a Shabu Shabu restaurant.

It was all very delicious...
although I had ordered the large Shabu Shabu...
I had to order a side dish of mixed tempura and a total of three bowls of rice
to fill up.

 Alex finished off his meal with a delicious dessert of plum wine flavored ice cream.

 We then retired for the night at the hotel.

On the morrow...
we would drive to UCLA to take their campus tour...
and we would then go to the Santa Monica Pier...
and then drive to our next hotel near the campus of Harvey Mudd College
to take their campus tour.


  1. Ah you are making me hungry... that roast duck, especially, looks delicious! The dim sum looks good, too. Ha, I love shabu shabu but not surprised that it did not fill you up as those meals tend to be lighter and less filling.

  2. Alex loved the roast duck so much, the day after arriving at home, he wanted roast duck again. We then ate at a local Chinese / Vietnamese restaurant so he could get his fill.


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