Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Alex Preparing His Lesson Plan For Math Camp

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Alex, and a few other members from the NNV Math Club...
will be teaching various math topics at a two week long middle school math camp
coming up soon.

Alex went to a teaching preparation day for the instructors.

Although it was just Alex and one other instructor who had participated yesterday...
there will be other days where the other instructors will be preparing their lesson plans...
and giving a demonstration of their class to the founder of the NNV Math Club
(The founder said that Alex had explained his topics very well.
He is able to break down his topics in to easily digestible portions of understanding).

Alex at his board.

He had given three examples for Telescoping Sums.
This is one of Alex's topics he will be teaching the middle schoolers during Math Camp.

Both of the instructors are in preparation mode.

The other instructor is preparing his lesson plan.
Some of his topics are Counting and Probability.

Alex writing down his topics by week of the math camp.

For the first week...
Alex will be going over math competition methods he uses for rapid mental calculations.

Alex is well known for being able to complete fairly complex computations 
in his head very rapidly.

During the second week of the math camp...
Alex will be teaching about other topics with another instructor...
as shown above on the board.

Alex is preparing a handout for each student giving theories, formulas...
 examples and applications for each topic.

Alex had provided three examples for Telescoping Sums on his board.

Alex is looking forward to teaching at the upcoming math camp...
as he loves to teach.


  1. I could digest that - truly!

    Those five topics are counting.

    And Alex - you are a legend with that orange marker.

    "Telescoping Sums" - I will have to think.

  2. Thank you for commenting. Although the topics are advanced for middle schoolers, both, the founder of NNV Math Club, and Alex, think it can be done within the time given in the math camp schedule of topics. I already know how well Alex teaches his topics by how many other children Alex has successfully tutored.

  3. My head hurts just looking at the writing on the whiteboard. :) Hard to believe that middle schoolers can handle these topics, but I presume that the ones that attend this camp are all pretty advanced for their class.

  4. Yes, the kids who go to the math camps are usually interested in the STEM fields. However, Alex must teach assuming that the children are typical students of middle school so as to not leave any child behind from the beginning. He will start from a low level of understanding and build upon that to have them reach the level of understanding necessary to perform at a higher level than the norm.


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