Saturday, April 15, 2017

An Interesting English Assignment: Design Your Own Test

Song:  Spring Waltz

Composer:  Frederic Chopin

One of Alex's recent English class assignments involved having to pick
a short story and to design his own test on the story.

It took Alex about four hours to pick out and read the 30 page story...
and to then design and type out his test.

I found this assignment to be interesting.

One of the favorite methods in the Army in getting a soldier to learn 
topics in the military is to have them have to give a class on it.

This forces the soldier to do a lot of research beforehand...
 in order for him to be able to teach it to others.

This method of active learning is so effective because in forcing the student 
to become a teacher, he has to dissect and thoroughly understand each component...
and how everything interrelates...and he then has to be able to relay this information
in a fashion which is not only conceptualized and reasonable, but prioritized.

Alex is now studying for his AP Micro Economics class.

I was surprised at the amount of math involved in this class.

Of course, math is Alex's strong point...
so, he has no problem in this class.

I struggled to get a passing grade in my Statistics class at university...
precisely because math is my weakest area  :)

(Where did Alex get his mathematical capabilities?
Both, my father, and my wife's father...were engineers.
My father...Electrical...her father...Civil).


  1. Good assignment. I like that he had to not only write the questions, but the answers as well. I don't recall this story but reading Alex's answers made me curious to learn more about it.

  2. This type of assignment is a favorite of Alex's. Designing tests and writing reviews is so much fun for him. He used to do this for fun when he was still so young.


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