Thursday, April 13, 2017

Alex's First Published Article - A Rewrite

Song:  We've Only Just Begun

Group:  The Carpenters

Last week...
Alex's English teacher had asked him to re-write a short biography 
of the student artist Marissa as shown below...
for publication in a Reno Newspaper.

There were two articles...
one by Rafael, and this one by Alex.

Alex loves to write reviews.

While this wasn't a full interview and write up as I had envisioned it would be...
it was still an honor for Alex to have been asked to do the re-write.

One of the reporters of the Reno News and Review had contacted
North Star to have two students who are particularly strong in English...
to do the two re-writes for publication.

The artists were asked to submit their brief biography and pertinent facts
for the article...and then they were emailed to Alex and to Rafael.

Below is Alex's submission to the paper.

It was just published today.

It had only taken Alex a very short time to write and submit this to his teacher...
who then forwarded it to the newspaper for publication.

While it wasn't much...
it is his first publication.


On another note...
Alex received the results of his latest ACT and SAT exams.

Many top universities superset the ACT and SAT scores.

This is where they take the top scores from all of the most recent scores...
and make a conglomerate score.

On Alex's second to the last ACT...
he had a total score of 35 out of 36 on this one exam alone.

He had a perfect Math and Essay score.

On his last ACT...
he had gotten a perfect score on his Math and Science.

as a conglomerate superset...
Alex now has a perfect ACT score of 36 out of 36.

Alex had also raised his SAT score by 20 points.

While Alex had also gotten a perfect score on his SAT II Math Specific exam...
he must also do well on his upcoming SAT II Physics Specific exam
in order to even be considered by many of the top universities.

Alex will have two years of a foreign language finished before his 
senior year (in Japanese).

He will take his third year of Japanese at UNR in the Fall.

Right now...
Alex is doing another English assignment where he will have to
design his own English test.

This will prove to be a very interesting assignment...
as Alex loves to design tests and competitions  :)


  1. Nice that Alex was chosen for this article. Congrats on his first publication! And further congrats on his ACT and SAT scores... hard to improve when his scores were already so high so nice going, Alex!

  2. Alex is now finished with taking his ACT and SATs...with the exception of the SAT II Physics specific. This Fall he will be submitting his university applications. Just writing this makes my tummy rumble in anticipation. I fully expect a roller coaster ride of nauseating proportions. :)


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