Monday, April 10, 2017

Alex's Analysis Of Two Poems

Song:  Guantanamera

Group:  The Sandpipers

Alex had two poems he had to analyze.

With the first poem, he had to follow the outline for his analysis.

In the second poem...
he had to put the poem into his own words...
and he then had to analyze it.

Alex loves to analyze things.

Right now...
Alex is studying for his midterm exams.

Also, in less than two weeks...
Alex will be competing in the ARML locals to secure a spot 
on the math team competing in the Nationals in Las Vegas later this year.

Alex will also be taking a special SAT II Physics exam next month.

He had also just recently finished all of his problems for his upcoming 
Mathematics Talent Exhibition (his own contest).

Alex is busy...
but, he is happy.

Alex is happiest when he is completing his objectives...
and always striving towards his goals.


  1. As someone who never really understood poems when I was Alex's age (or even now, really), I commend Alex for his insightful analysis.

  2. Alex loves critically analyzing all sorts of subjects. From as early as he could write, he loved doing this sort of thing.

    I think you are being modest. You are very insightful, and a very good writer.


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