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Asian Spaghetti - One Of Alex's Favorite Meals

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This article is a very abridged version of the two part article I had just written
for one of my other blogs:  Aging And Living Well

Just look for the March 12 date for the two articles...
or you may just shortcut to them directly here:

I - Asian Spaghetti - A Delicious Way To Serve Salmon

II - Asian Spaghetti - A Delicious Way To Serve Salmon

I go into far more detail in the making of this delicious salmon dish
in my other blog.

I had just included this as a way for interested mothers who
want their children to eat more healthful foods...
to prepare a very delicious way to incorporate salmon for them
(You may also substitute canned tuna...
or other fish...for the salmon).

The majority of Alex's meals consist mostly of fish.

Alex especially loves salmon and trout.

This is my wife's recipe.

She had told me how to make it...
and I then added it to my recipes that I cook for my mother
(She lives a few minutes from us.  I do all of her shopping...
and I cook supper for her every night.
As she is 78 years old...I look after her).

All of these photos I had taken at my mother's house on this night.

I had just cooked this dish for her.

I had used my mother as a demonstration model in these photos...
and the amount is almost double what Alex's mother cooks for Alex and her to eat.

Wild caught salmon is a very healthful fish to eat on a regular basis.

This two lb bag of wild caught pink salmon fillets...
comes frozen at Super Walmart...
and sells for just $14.99.

I regularly stock my mother's freezer with 10 lbs at a time with these fillets.

My wife always has several lbs of these fillets on hand for Alex's meals.

Each of the fillets come individually wrapped.

It takes but 10 - 15 minutes to fully defrost the fillets.

My wife regularly grills the salmon.

I usually poach the fillets.

These photos are of poached salmon.

This is the dish that Alex loves so much.

It is especially nutritious and delicious.

Once again...
for a far more detailed description of this recipe...
click on the links I had included at the beginning of this article.

Salmon is a super health and brain food.

It is highly digestible...
and it is just filled with all of the great nutrients a growing child needs
in order to prosper in both, body, and brain growth.

I am sure you family will find this meal to be a real treat to eat.


  1. Looks very tasty, and healthy! I will have to get my wife to try this (or maybe I can try to make it for all of us)!

  2. It is one of my favorite meals now. My mother also loves this dish.


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