Saturday, March 18, 2017

Alex Won Gold At Mathleague Competition

 Song:  Highway Song

Group:  Blackfoot

Today's Mathleague competition was the last for the school year...
and it was needed for the NNV Math Club competitors
who had not competed in the requisite number of math competitions 
in order to qualify for this year's ARML Nationals.

So, there were many top competitors from the math club...
as well as from other schools.

Alex was especially excited about today's competition because he knew 
many top competitors would be there.

As it was a long competition lasting many hours...
I had dropped off Alex, and then went to pick him up an hour early.

When I had arrived...
Alex was still with the high school group in their testing area.

About half an hour later...
Alex came into the awards room.

Just before the awards ceremony...
there was a count down round for the middle schoolers.

This is the same as in Mathcounts.

Alex really loves to watch this particular round...
as it brings back fond memories of his Mathcounts days.

This young man had made the Mathcounts Nationals team the year before Alex had.

He graduated High School last year.

He has a very outgoing and engaging personality.

He was the Master of Ceremonies for the count down round...
where the middle schoolers went head to head in rapid calculation
(there are no calculators allowed).

He did a masterful job in keeping the contest moving forwards...
and in maintaining control of, and entertaining, the audience.

Just a couple of the head to head questions the middle schoolers had.

Just as in Mathcounts...
often times...
the children buzz in before the question is fully read.

The high schoolers had gotten their papers back.

Alex being called up to receive his First Place High School Individual winner ribbon.

The young man in orange had received second place.
He is one of the top competitors in NNV Math Club.

As he is a senior in high school...
he had already sent in his applications to the major universities in the US last year.
He should be getting the results soon.

I have no doubt that he will receive many acceptance letters from top universities.

Alex will be submitting his applications this October.

Alex's first place individual in the high school category.

Alex with a well earned happy smile.

I was especially happy because Alex has shown steady improvement
(dramatic improvement in his AIME well as in competition).

On the way home...
I had asked Alex to what he attributes his great improvement.

Alex said that he has been concentrating on his missed questions...
researching the answers, and thereby, learning where he had gone wrong.

This is, of course, how a person learns in a most efficient manner.

The ones he had gotten correct he doesn't have to worry about...
but the ones he had missed are the ones from which he has the most to learn.

This is why Alex loves to take tests, and also compete.

They show all of his weak points...
and so, points to exactly where he must concentrate his efforts
so he may constantly improve.

Alex has not gotten complacent...
but rather, continues to strive boldly forth.

This is Alex's highway song:

Test to identify weaknesses...
and then concentrate on those areas
to always move on down the highway of life
at the highest rate of speed without burning out...
and so, to remain in constant high speed cruise mode.

He also knows that his study habits are what fuels his progress
on the highway of life...
and this is what allows a person to travel unimpeded by self doubt, or by laziness.


  1. I think what is most impressive is that no matter how well Alex has done in past competitions, he still continually strives to improve. It is an attribute that will enable to do well throughout his life. Congrats!!!

  2. Yes, Alex's attitude is the key to his successes. He just steadily improves as he continues with his winning never stop learning, and to do it efficiently through a daily study habit.


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