Thursday, March 2, 2017

Alex Scored In The Top 5% In The US On AMC 12b

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Alex at his study station reviewing the official results.
We are all very happy  :)

Alex just received his official results for AMC 12b
(American Mathematics Competitions - High School Senior division).

Alex took his AMC 12b at a different high school since they had many participants (25).

Alex was the only one there to advance to AIME...
and so, he will also get the AMC 12 Honors Certificate and a high school winner pin.

Usually, only the top young mathematicians in each high school
even compete in this nation wide advanced math competition.

All of the scores are then compiled and only the top 5% of all the participants in the nation
may go on to the next tier of competition...
AIME (Advanced Mathematics Invitational Examination).

Alex had once again...advanced to the AIME competition.

Alex had also competed in AIME a couple of years ago.

This time around...Alex is hoping to improve his score.


when we first found out that Alex had made it to the next tier...
we had, again, offered to buy him the latest iPad.

He had, again, refused (we offered to buy him one for his last birthday).

I knew why (and he confirmed it).

Alex thinks ahead...
he looks into the future.

His iPad...though old...
still works.

Just before he goes to university...
he knows he will get the latest laptop.

in a classic instance of Deferred Gratification...
he would rather get the latest iPad just before going to university as well  :)

That is thinking ahead!


Today, Alex received more recruitment pamphlets in the mail.

One was from Princeton University.

I know...I know...
it is just an invitation to apply to it.

The real test comes when he actually applies.

However, the admissions office already has him on a list of possible candidates
due to his earlier scores on his college entrance examinations.

Alex's weighted GPA is over a 5.0 since he has taken all the AP and Honors classes he could...
and because of all of his classes he had taken at the University of Nevada Reno 
since the Summer after the 8th grade.

he stands a good chance at entering a major university in the future.


Next week, Alex is involved in one more competition, and one more major examination.

On Monday...
it is the semi-finals of the Academic Olympics.

On Saturday...
Alex is taking another SAT.

He will try to improve his other scores.

Right now...
Alex is still at his computer.

He must study many subjects and work ahead so it will allow him extra study time
for his exams and competitions.

Alex being Alex...
he is self driven...
so my only worry now...
is that he doesn't stay up too late studying  :)


Post Script:  We learned today that Alex will be competing in
the AIME this Tuesday.

This leaves very little time for Alex to prepare for the AIME competition.

Alex is going to do all of his homework tonight...
and this will allow him to spend all weekend brushing up for the AIME competition.

Alex also just got the result of his midterm in Analysis II at UNR:  A

So, while Alex may feel good about where he is academically...
 he now must prepare for Tuesday with deadly seriousness.


  1. Congrats to Alex on another standout performance!

    I am thinking that most of your stress next year may be trying to decide which top university to choose from among the many that will accept Alex.

  2. Hopefully that will be the case. However, Alex is in competition with many top students, and, in many of the universities, they heavily value attributes other than purely by academic merit. To be realistic, many of the universities get the nation's top students at a 10 to 1 ratio of students to acceptance percentage. Some are even higher, closer to 20 to 1.


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