Wednesday, February 15, 2017

University Recruitment Letters Start To Arrive

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It has begun!

Alex is signing up for their mailing list tonight.

This letter was one of the first to arrive for Alex
(along with one from The University of Chicago and from Northeastern University).

There will be many such letters from various universities as the year wears on.
These letters go out to many tens of thousands of students in the US
who score a certain amount on their PSATs / SATs.

Many of the Universities in the US get the contact information for recruitment
from The College Board.  They have the records of all students in the US who score
above a certain range in the PSATs and SATs.

As Alex had done well on both...
Alex had been invited to be on their mailing lists so they may send him
more information concerning their universities...
and the interested universities will then try to get the students to apply to them.

I fully understand that just these letters mean nothing other than they
are interested in having him apply when it comes time to do so.

The real test comes in October...
when Alex starts sending out his applications to the various universities
he wishes to attend...
and, especially...
 when he starts getting the letters of acceptance or rejection from those universities...
in about one year.

We also know that Alex may get many letters of non-acceptance...
as do the majority of children applying...
especially to such universities as Caltech
(where tens of thousands of prospects vie for only a couple hundred spots each year).

We will then just concentrate our efforts on those who accept him.

Alex will have some nice universities to choose from.

It has been a long journey for us to finally get to this point.

It is nice to get this process started.

Alex has always worked very hard for the moment which is soon to come.

about this time next year...
we should start getting the letters of acceptance  :)...
and those of rejection   :(...
and we will then have to start making choices and plans...
and it will then be time to move once again.

I am already starting to get butterflies in my stomach...
and we have a year to go!  :)


  1. We are very proud of you Ah Chan! Hopefully, they will all recognize your wonderful mind! Love, Aunt Mary

  2. Thank you. It is about time you got on the Internet! Alex got some good news today. He had done very well on a National math test. We don't know how well yet, but it is a personal best. We will find out how he did against the other young advanced mathematicians in the nation, by percentage, in a few weeks. Now he can relax for awhile, as this an annual event.

  3. Time is just flying by. Before you know it, Alex will be attending one of these colleges. What a milestone, and a nervous time as well.

  4. Yes, I am both, happy, and nervous. However, Alex is well on his way to creating a great life for himself.


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