Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fourth Week - 2017 Academic Olympics

Song:  The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Theme from the movie of the same name

This was the fourth week of the Academic Olympics.

I had erred.

Next week will be the semi - finals.

as there were more schools involved this year...
this week's event went for four heats.

Alex walking into the school for the beginning of the contest.

The team coach is going over possible occurrences in the event.

This was the first heat.

Team Northstar pulled ahead early for the win.

The teams then had to go to a central point to find out the location of the next heat.

The beginning of the second heat.

The young man with his hand on his head was demonstrating mock frustration...
as the other team got a bonus set of questions on sports.

It is his particular strength...
and he knew the answers...
but couldn't answer...as the three questions were for the other team to answer.

Alex buzzing in for the win on a math question.

Alex's team chuckling at how quickly he had answered.

After halftime...
players were swapped out.

Northstar had again won the heat.

The beginning of the third heat.

The young man with the pony tail and the full beard was the powerhouse
for the opposing team.

They were just too strong...
and had pulled out ahead for the win.

This was the beginning of the fourth and last heat for the day.

Another math question had come up and Alex rapidly buzzed in...

for the win.

Northstar had again won the heat.

This makes Northstar's win loss ratio for the day at 3 - 1

As you may notice...
Alex had lost a lot of weight.

For over two months...
Alex could barely eat much...
as he has had a stomach flu.

Today will be the first day since the third week in December...
that he could eat anything in substantial amounts.

After the competition...
we went to one of our favorite sushi restaurants.

We started with appetizers.

It was good seeing Alex eating again.

Although he still does not feel too hungry for most of the day...
he is finally eating a healthful amount twice a day.

He even felt good enough for dessert.

I am unsure as to how the contest will progress.

I had thought that this day was the semi-finals...
but no word as to what it was...
was given.

I am assuming that next week will be the semi-finals.

As there are many more teams this year...
I am unsure as to what will happen next Monday.

Either way...
Northstar is poised to do well in the contest.


Alex took an important test at his high school.

We won't be getting the official results for a few weeks.

Alex is now studying on his computer at home ensuring he works well ahead
in all of his courses.

He has another important test in a couple of weeks.


  1. Glad that Alex is finally feeling a little better and can eat more. I've missed seeing photos of your delicious meals when you eat out! :)

    It still cracks me up to see the faces of Alex's teammates when he answers the math questions so quickly. Ha! Congrats to the team for a good performance!

  2. Seeing the other's reactions to Alex's lightning calculative speed is what makes this competition so fun to see :)


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