Monday, February 27, 2017

Alex's Analysis Of 5 Quotes Of 'Hamlet'

Song:  Vincent

Artist: Don McLean

Alex was recently given an English Literature assignment.

He was to read 'Hamlet'...
and to pick five quotes from the book...
and to analyze the significance of one in each of the categories of:






It had taken Alex about four hours to read 'Hamlet' and to outline his favorite quotes.

It had then taken him about one hour to type up his analysis of 'Hamlet'.

I really like Alex's online high school.

It allows him to schedule his studies to fit going to university at the same time.

They also have their students do a lot of reading and writing along fairly short time lines.

He has had to read many of the classics...
and to then write an analytic review of them.

This is true university preparation.

I had asked Alex which of the classics is his favorite.

Alex still likes 'Musashi' the most.

(Although it is a Japanese classic...
it is still a classic...and should be read by all high schoolers).

It is almost 12:30 AM and Alex just went to bed.

Later today...
a few hours after Alex returns from his university math class...
he will, once again, be competing with his Northstar high school...
in the Academic Olympics.

In the late afternoon...
it will be the semi-finals.

There will be two heats...
and the teams will be winnowed down to the top four schools to compete in the finals.

They must do well enough to make the cut.
Hopefully, their team will remain strong enough to do so.

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