Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Alex's First Day Of Analysis II At UNR / Snow Photos

A Breath Taking Piano Piece

Artist:  Jervy Hou

Alex's first day of his Analysis II class started a couple of days ago at UNR.

Alex has been feeling under the weather for several weeks now.

He still has some of the after effects from the stomach flu which had hit Reno pretty hard.

My wife and I had lighter versions of it...
and I still do not feel up to speed yet.

We were on our way to take Alex to UNR.

 I had taken the above photos from our driveway.

I had just dropped off Alex in this photo.

My wife accompanied us on this day, as she also wanted to take some photos of the snow.

My wife and I walked around some on the UNR campus and took some photos.

As Alex was still in class, and we had more free time until it was time to pick him up...
we decided to drive to a nearby park.

This photo is actually part of a dog park.

People may take their dogs here so they may enjoy the company of other dogs.

This is just the leashed dog portion.

There is a much larger portion, down and to the right...
where dogs may run around unleashed.

 You may see some people with their dogs in this photo.

I will wait for spring time before I take Hana here.

My wife and I were going to walk through the park (human portion)...
however, it was closed while they removed snow from the walkways.

So, we made our way back to the car
and went back to the university to await Alex's arrival.

Alex arrived at our pick up point...
and we departed.

As Analysis II is a continuation of his previous class (Analysis I)...
he already had the text, and he has the same teacher.

I had taken these two photos from our front yard upon our arrival at home.

I love Winter.

I love the light chill in the air...
and the crunching of the snow underfoot. 

I also love to make the car slide a little on command.
It becomes an almost two ton toboggan :)

As it is all wheel has much better handling than does a 2 wheel drive car...
so, I can pull out of a sliding maneuver easily.  I will simply initiate a gentle S turn...
and tighten the second curve and accelerate to send the car sliding sideways.
I, of course, ensure that there are no other cars on the road first...
and that I do it going uphill, so that gravity also works on my side
to ensure I don't keep sliding beyond that which I desire.

Life is simply too short to not be childlike at times.

My wife, however, would disagree...
as she says I am childish at all times  :)


  1. Sorry that the effects of the stomach flu have lingered so long. I know how miserable that must be.

    The winter scenes are so beautiful! That dog park looks huge. My wife would love having a place like that here. We have one larger dog park but it is open only in the winter as it serves as a driving range during the rest of the year. Hana may enjoy running around in the snow... you should take her and see!

  2. Yes, Hana may...but I won't :) Actually, I want to take my mother there at the same time. I cannot risk her slipping and falling at her age.


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