Tuesday, January 31, 2017

First Week - 2017 Academic Olympics

Song:  Only The Young

Group:  Journey

Yesterday was the first day of the 2017 Academic Olympics.

Many different high schools came from all around Northern Nevada 
to compete at a local high school for the honors to compete at the State level.

There were two new schools added this year.

Alex is the team Captain again this year for Northstar Online High School.

Many from last year's team were not there for the first day of competition.

Only Alex and the girl next to him were from last year's team.

Although no one could match Alex in math...
the Asian boy in blue on the opposing side had done very well
on many of the History and Geography questions.

Northstar (Alex's team) lost the first heat.

In the second heat...
the teams finished in a tie.

It went into overtime...
and the opposing team got the win.

In the third heat...
Northstar picked up its momentum...
and went on to secure their first win for the day.

This was the fourth and final heat of the day.

there was an *open algebraic math question.

(open for all competitors to answer...the first one to answer correctly
gives the next three bonus questions to their team to answer).

Alex quickly calculated and buzzed in the correct answer.

This, along with more quick answers from Northstar...
secured the win.

This made Northstar's score for the day 2 - 2.

Mr. Devaney...
the Northstar head Academic Olympic coach...
gave a quick debriefing to the team before everyone went home.

Every Monday...
for the next few weeks...
there will be more heats for each school.

Northstar will continue to do well.

Alex just after the first day of Academic Olympic heats.

Alex is not yet feeling completely well from the stomach flu.

He still can only eat soft foods for now.

However, Alex still studies without complaint.

He also has a very important math test coming up next week.

So much is happening so quickly this year.

There is so much to prepare for...
and so much to do.

In less than a year from now...
Alex will be putting out his applications to many universities throughout the US.

Within a few months of his applications going out...
Alexs will pick the one he wishes to attend for his undergraduate degree...
and we will then move somewhere near the university to fully support Alex
as he moves forwards in life.

The third year of high school is known as hell year...
as universities look so closely at what is done in this year...
and so, it is the highest pressure year at high school.

Alex is handling it well...
as he has always handled challenges in the past.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Alex's First Day Of Analysis II At UNR / Snow Photos

A Breath Taking Piano Piece

Artist:  Jervy Hou

Alex's first day of his Analysis II class started a couple of days ago at UNR.

Alex has been feeling under the weather for several weeks now.

He still has some of the after effects from the stomach flu which had hit Reno pretty hard.

My wife and I had lighter versions of it...
and I still do not feel up to speed yet.

We were on our way to take Alex to UNR.

 I had taken the above photos from our driveway.

I had just dropped off Alex in this photo.

My wife accompanied us on this day, as she also wanted to take some photos of the snow.

My wife and I walked around some on the UNR campus and took some photos.

As Alex was still in class, and we had more free time until it was time to pick him up...
we decided to drive to a nearby park.

This photo is actually part of a dog park.

People may take their dogs here so they may enjoy the company of other dogs.

This is just the leashed dog portion.

There is a much larger portion, down and to the right...
where dogs may run around unleashed.

 You may see some people with their dogs in this photo.

I will wait for spring time before I take Hana here.

My wife and I were going to walk through the park (human portion)...
however, it was closed while they removed snow from the walkways.

So, we made our way back to the car
and went back to the university to await Alex's arrival.

Alex arrived at our pick up point...
and we departed.

As Analysis II is a continuation of his previous class (Analysis I)...
he already had the text, and he has the same teacher.

I had taken these two photos from our front yard upon our arrival at home.

I love Winter.

I love the light chill in the air...
and the crunching of the snow underfoot. 

I also love to make the car slide a little on command.
It becomes an almost two ton toboggan :)

As it is all wheel drive...it has much better handling than does a 2 wheel drive car...
so, I can pull out of a sliding maneuver easily.  I will simply initiate a gentle S turn...
and tighten the second curve and accelerate to send the car sliding sideways.
I, of course, ensure that there are no other cars on the road first...
and that I do it going uphill, so that gravity also works on my side
to ensure I don't keep sliding beyond that which I desire.

Life is simply too short to not be childlike at times.

My wife, however, would disagree...
as she says I am childish at all times  :)

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Alex Reviews My Facebook Page

Song:  IVO

Artist:  Cocteau Twins

I had Alex read some of my latest replies to posts on my Facebook page on my computer
(Shiroi Tora - with an ink print of a tiger as the picture).

I then asked him what he had thought about them...
and I explained in other terms, as applied to life...
and he understood and agreed.

There is so much unnecessary strife and completely illogical 
actions going on presently in the US...
and in the world.

I wanted to give Alex some context to understand how 
amazingly unreasonable many people act.

Just above each photo is my input on them.

This first photo is not of the religion of Islam...
but of the extremist factions of it...
the ones no truly peaceful Muslim agrees with. 

This goes for any ideological or governmental system which requires the same. You will notice this in all forms of Marxism. It is always rule by force, or threat of punishment, and where the people are kept in line by punishing all who do not readily inform on their neighbors, and by rewarding all who do. It is through this that they may embed, in essence, a secret police force of millions of people for very little cost, while destroying trust of one another amongst the people, thereby keeping the people from ever working together for change. Only when you have a system where the people may speak and think freely, and so, have the ability to make actual changes toward a better future for themselves, does true freedom exist.

It is the difference between that of aggression, and that of assertion...
the difference between that of unjustified violence, and that of justified violence...the difference between that of the predator, and that of the protector...and so, the fundamental difference between that of wrong, and that of right...and that of evil, and that of good.

This only applies to the zombie masters. What is truly scary is that most cannot discern between falsehood and truth. Most get offended because it simply goes against what they have been taught to parrot. They have no idea as to why or how it is so, but oh...they are so sure it is so. These are the zombies. They somehow think that a larger quantity of believers equals a greater quality of thought, and that a greater level of emotion shown somehow equals a greater purity of thought. This is why the zombies must always travel in the great zombie hoards. With their minds rotted, they know nothing but to mindlessly march forwards without a clue as to which direction to go next, but only knowing how to follow, hungrily, their zombie master. The zombies are typified by their mindless ramblings and by their heavy stench of arrogance. They know nothing but aggression and destruction, for their rotted souls and minds cannot create anything...but chaos.

Truly Presidential. My heart lifted with his great words. We are united once more, as a Nation, and as a people, for now, and forever.

And...America for the win!
Cloyd Rivers
5 hrs
Obama played the race card. Hillary played the sex card. So America played their Trump card. Merica

                                                       Alex laughed at this last one.

Alex will start the new semester at UNR tomorrow.  He will be taking Analysis II.
I will be taking photos of the new snow.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Alex's First Snow Drive

Song:  Lazy Calm

Artist:  Cocteau Twins (single artist)

I had been waiting for a day such as this for Alex to experience
his first day of driving in the snow.

On this day...
although there was snow on the ground...
the roads were not completely iced over.

I wanted Alex to experience the difference between a moderate loss of traction...
to that of having very little traction...such as that on heavily iced over roads.

This is a picture from our driveway.

Alex did very well in all of his driving on this day.

Alex is naturally very cautious...
and this is what makes him an inherently good driver.

I have been coaching Alex on wide gentle turns...
and on the light and smooth application of the accelerator and the brakes...
as well as the necessity of braking much earlier than when on dry roads.

Alex had performed flawlessly during all of his snow driving lesson.

For this day's lesson...
it just involved driving in our, and his grandmother's, neighborhood.

We are leaving our neighborhood and driving to his grandmother's neighborhood
in this picture.

As his grandmother lives but a few minutes away from our home...
we are about halfway in this picture.

This is my mother's neighborhood.

As Alex was practicing his snow driving skills...
he hadn't stopped at my mother's.

We merely turned around and drove back home.

I had Alex drive through the snow instead of the already cleared areas
to gain experience in the handling of the car in snow.

This is the only way to clear snow...
forget the shovels.

Work smarter...not harder  :)

On our way home.

Alex had done exceptionally well in his driving.

Not once did he make a mistake.

I hope to have him practice on icy neighborhood roads soon.

After Alex arrived at home...
I decided to go to a local sandwich shop (Alex wasn't hungry).

This is a picture of the mountains just above our home.

By the time I had gotten a sandwich...
the clouds had cleared...
and the sun had started to shine.

After getting home...
I stayed awake for a few more hours...
and I then went to sleep (I still sleep during the day).

I had then awakened after 1 AM and went to cook supper for my mother
(She also stays awake all night).

In an article on one of my other blogs...
I describe our subsequent meal...
and how much Hana (her dog)...
loves this particular meal.

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