Friday, December 16, 2016

Alex's Final In Macro Economics

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Artists - Yoshida Brothers

 Alex completed his final in Macro Economics yesterday.

Next semester...
he will be taking Micro Economics.

His final was a three hour compilation of all he had learned throughout the semester.

On the eve of his final...
his mother had made him a special meal which would keep him fueled up all night 
so he could review for his final until midnight
(his final was from 1 PM until 4 PM).

Alex started his meal with a green salad with citrus vinaigrette.

He loves this dressing.

Alex also loves udon with Memmi and seaweed.

His mother had also made Alex some Rib Eye and shrimp...
both in Teppanyaki style.

Alex had a delicious meal which fueled his efforts for the night before his final.

Alex at his computer.

Alex has been studying from morning until about 9 PM almost every night...
but on the night before his finals...
 he studied until midnight.

Alex wants to study extra long to review all of his past exams and notes
to ensure he doesn't make any stupid mistakes.

 Before some of his other exams...
I had to send Alex to bed at 2:30 AM because he was still studying.

On one night...
Alex had stayed up until 7 AM after pulling an all nighter.

He had to finish up some essays and assignments in some other classes 
so he could have enough time to devote to his review of his upcoming finals.

By the way...
Alex got an 'A' on his final...
and in his class (Macro Economics).

Alex is studying now for his upcoming final in Analysis I at UNR.

So long as he does well on his final...
he will get an 'A' in that class also.

Alex registered for Analysis II at UNR...
and so, he is all set for his last semester of Hell Year
(the 3rd year of high school is the most important 
for entrance into a university as a full time student).


  1. Mmmm, great pre-exam meal!

    It is great that Alex is very driven to study hard. I would worry that he would be too tired during the exam if he stayed up late, but it seems the results don't bear that out. Good going, Alex!

  2. He usually stays up until 11:30 PM. He usually stops studying at around 9 PM and then enjoys free time. However, when he wishes to do some extra preparation, he will stay up later and study.


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