Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Alex's ACT Target Zone Achieved / Last Final Taken

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Alex had just gotten his latest ACT results today
(One of two major college entrance exams in the US).

(The essay results have not yet been released).

Alex, in short, has been taking care of business.

Just to give you an idea of how well Alex is doing in his ACT scores (35 Composite Score)...
the average Composite Score of students accepted to MIT...
is 34 (33 to 35).

36 is a perfect score.

Of course...
this, in no way, means Alex will automatically be accepted to MIT
or to any other prestigious university.

However, it does open up this possibility now.

Alex had, once again, gotten a perfect Score in Math.

The last time Alex had taken the ACT was when he was in the eighth grade.

Back then...
he had a Composite Score of 33, with a perfect Math Score.

The area he had really improved in was in his Reading Comprehension.

The last few points are really tough to get...
but Alex is going to take another ACT in a couple of months.

He really wants to improve his Science scores.

Plus, Alex thinks he will do much better the next time since 
he couldn't devote much time to ACT preparation due to his preparation
for his finals (he had taken both, an ACT, and an SAT, just one week apart...
 during his finals, and just one week before).

We will receive his SAT scores in a little while.

Also, due to Alex's PSAT score from earlier...
Alex is also a National Merit Scholar semi finalist.

What will happen in the next few months 
to determine National Merit Scholar finalists is that they well take 
into consideration the student's SAT scores and his high school GPA.

We don't know how well Alex will do in this 
as I am unsure how they do the actual scoring. 

We were especially glad how much Alex has improved his Reading Comprehension.

This is an extremely important area.

Of course...
the person most responsible for his scores...
is Alex himself.

He works very hard for his achievements.

He has an inner drive to succeed.

His mother is the second most important in his academic achievements
by ensuring Alex has all of the best supplementary courses 
and material to help him succeed.

She also helps him a lot in areas of organization.

Although I play a more minor role now...
I help him arrange his thoughts in a coherent manner...
and, especially in areas of the world through life application...
I try to teach him basic common sense through a logical format.

(Alex needs very little guidance now.
We had taught him the basic concepts early on...
and he just took off from there).

However, once again...
Alex deserves almost all of the credit...
as it is he who studies on his own...
it is he who always strives to improve...
and it is he who strives to conquer new challenges.

this has always been a family affair.

We have always worked together...
as a team...
and always...
doing what is best for Alex
(go team Alex :)

having a ball  :)


Alex today...
as I waited for him at UNR to arrive after his last final of the semester.

He had just finished his Analysis I final
(it had run from 5 PM until 7 PM).

Alex was very upbeat upon his arrival.

He said that his professor gave a quick look at his final and had told him 
that he should have no problem earning his 'A' in the class.

We are getting ready to go up to the garage and go out to eat.

We had given Alex his choice of restaurants at which to eat.

He had chosen the Atlantis for all you can eat sushi.

We had a delightful meal...
our spirits buoyed by his results of his ACT and of his final.

Alex was also very happy.

We then departed for home in a light mood.

We told Alex to just relax for the rest of the night...
and for tomorrow.

Right now, it is almost 10:30 PM and Alex is typing away on his computer.

He is busy putting together his teaching format for this year's NNV Winter Math Camp
(in a couple of weeks).

Alex will, once again... 
be a guest lecturer on Algebra, Probability, and Number Theory.

Alex is also working on his next year's 
Mathematics Talent Exhibition

(Alex's own math competition where he designs all of the problems...
designs the competition layout...
and helps run and score the competitors...
for elementary, middle, and high school).

This is what is fun for Alex.


  1. Really phenomenal performance on the ACT, and he is still improving! Alex's drive is most impressive. Very well done!

  2. Thank you. Yes, it is Alex's constant drive to improve himself which allows him to shore up his weaknesses as he also improves his strengths. He has developed a tremendous work ethic because of it. His achievements are a direct result of his study habits.


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