Saturday, November 12, 2016

May The Force (Of Reason) Be With You

Song:  Star Wars Main Theme

I had just typed out a response to a comment in my previous article...
when I thought that it was just too good an opportunity to not just go and run with it.

Instead of having you go to the comment section of my last article...
I will just post it here.


  1. I can certainly understand your reasons for not voting for Hillary Clinton, but I have some doubt that Donald Trump can live up to your high expectations. His impulsive personality and seemingly less than well-thought-out positions on issues make me wonder just what type of policies he will pursue. But his first few days have given me some hope that the country will be put back on a prosperous path and that he will surprise many in a positive way. We shall see.
  2. It is his impulsive nature which gives me hope. I certainly understand it, as I am very impulsive by nature. I have had to learn to think way ahead in order to direct my life, instead of destroying it. The great plus is having an excess of energy which is then concentrated into a controlled passion...of constantly observing and thinking.

    Seeing what needs to be done in an efficient and effective manner is not the difficult part of problem solving, it is in the trying to get the other people to see and follow that clear path. That is what will make this next few years such an exciting time. He has a clear path, just as had President Obama in his first few years in regards to Congress, to give his plans a chance to work without being sabotaged by obstructionist and destructive politics. You must understand, what had just happened is the equivalent of the Rebel Forces, not only having defeated the formerly thought to be undefeatable, Death Star (the corrupt Clintons combined with the other Imperial Forces of corruption in the world who had fueled it) and the machine of the Dark Side which is the Democratic Party (not all Democrats are evil, they have just been seduced by the Dark Side), but our Luke Skywalker (Donald Trump) is also smart enough to listen to his Yoda (the Silent Majority)...both of whom are ultimately led by The Force...of reason :)
  3. May the Force (of reason) be with you. :)


Note:  Yuji is a blogger whose son is also on the Autistic Spectrum.
We have been blogger friends for many years.

Yuji is a very intelligent and kind hearted man.
His articles are not only interesting and fun to read...
 they are very well written.

However, my special draw to his blog 
is that I see so much of my young self in his son.

His articles come from the perspective of a father, as do mine.
I am a regular reader of his blog: Hanabi Boy

  1. Star Wars:  May The Force (Of Reason) Be With You

  2. The Cast:
  3. The Rebel Forces:  The Republican Party

Luke Skywalker:  President Elect Donald Trump

Han Solo:  Mike Pence

Chewbacca:  Rudy Giuliani

Princess Leia:  Kellyanne Conway

Obi-Wan Kenobi:  Newt Gingrich

C - 3PO:  Shawn Hannity

R2 - D2:  Rush Limbaugh

Yoda:  The Silent Majority

Rebel Soldiers:  Fox News

The Force:  Objectivism and Critical Reasoning

The Imperial Forces:  The Democratic Party

Darth Vader:  President Obama

Grand Moff Tarkin:  Bill Clinton

Death Star:  Hillary Clinton

Admiral Motti:  John Podesta

Emperor Palpatine:  George Soros

Storm Troopers:  CNN / MSNBC / NPR / NYT / CBS / ABC among others

The Dark Side:  Subjectivism and Political Correctness


You will notice that in the last of the Star Wars Trilogy...
Darth Vader had...
in the end...
reprieved himself.

He had destroyed the Emperor just in time
to clear the way for Luke Skywalker.

Should President Obama turn from the Dark Side 
( is a specific reference to the movies of Star Wars)...
there is still time.

His greatest legacy could still be his.

He may still defeat the Emperor and become one with The Force.

In doing so...
it would complete the greatest saga in recent American political history...
as the Star Wars Trilogy had done in cinematic history.

May The Force (of Reason)...
be with you.


  1. Haha, I give you credit for your creativity and optimism. I remain skeptical that Trump is governed by any guiding "force" as the lack of specifics in his debate performances and speeches seemed to indicate that he hadn't thought anything through in any detail. Because of that, his campaign seemed in many ways like a Rorschach test with people seeing what they wanted to see in him (much the way people saw what they wanted to when Obama first ran for president). And as Obama ended up disappointing many of his more moderate followers, I wonder if Trump will end up disappointing his more conservative ones. He sure doesn't seem like the type who will listen to Yoda. I'd say that if anything, he is more of a Han Solo - cocky, independent, and, if we're lucky, really good at what he does.

  2. The lack of detail in ALL presidential debates is the same as when large companies make their new product announcements...and for the very same reasons. However, Donald Trump had lain out the basic structure. What general structure had Hillary given? She was to continue on a proven failed path...with a few disastrous twists...just for fun. I had seen Obama as the con man that he is when he kept echoing that same catch phrase. There was no structure to his rhetoric. Right away you could tell that the only way to do anything from his 'change' was to raise taxes AND increase spending. He was an out of control child with a credit card. However, do not get me wrong....many of the Republicans have been just as bad. We, the Silent Majority, knew the problem lay in the system itself. Career politicians and the corrupt system which feeds them is the problem (the lure of the Dark Side is strong). In Donald Trump, we saw a proven asset of monetary handling. He knows that money is a resource used to construct and build...and without which, nothing will get done. He is a builder of projects. He knows the practical use of addition and multiplication...where upon Marxists rely upon division (in both senses of the word) and subtraction. Just look at how he had financed his campaign.
    He was effective...AND efficient. Just another real life example of the inner workings of his organizational capabilities. Donald Trump incorporates the best of both, Luke Skywalker, and Hans Solo. Yes...The Force is strong in him :)

  3. My faith in a higher intelligence (much higher than Donald Trump) helps me to observe politics from a neutral position with a sense of humor. There are opposing forces in the universe and the right to choose which one we align ourselves with is a personal decision. I enjoy your blog and your viewpoint is very entertaining. I applaud your cleverness but worry that Fox News has influenced your capacity to be objective. Clearly Trump is a man who has no problem with misleading statements

  4. Yes there are opposing forces in the universe...the light side...and that of the dark. Everything is a personal choice...however, no one has the right to be wrong. :)

  5. A couple more comments on your comment. Fox News presents objective news...all others are subjective...and heavily biased.

    President Donald Trump (I love the sound of that :) a man of action. You have empirical evidence before you. You just won't hear about it from the dark side. The Imperial forces fear nothing more than President Donald Trump proving them wrong. You have been seduced by the Dark Side :)


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