Monday, November 7, 2016

I - Alex's 34 Page Essay - AP Eng. Lit. And Comp.

Tribute To Pink Floyd By Mongolian Group :  Shar Airag Mongolia

Alex had just completed his essay assignment yesterday from his
AP Literature and Composition A course through his online high school.

This essay is just an example of one of many such assignments
given in Alex's online curriculum.

For students, of whom are homeschooled, it is vitally important 
to get an accredited online curriculum to serve as the framework
for the student's upwards climb in his academics.

Alex loves homeschooling.
It gives him freedom from the boredom of a too slowly moving curriculum.
It also allows him the freedom to take university courses...
which also give him dual credit for high school, and for university.

Alex is on schedule to graduate high school one year early...
after which he will then go to UNR / Mountain College full time
until he decides which university to attend from his, then...
list of universities which had accepted his application.

It had taken Alex approximately eight hours to research and type out this paper.


The remainder of the essay is in the following article.

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