Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I - Alex Turns 16 Years Old - A Year In Retrospect

Song:  Chevalier de Sangreal

Composer:  Hans Zimmer

As Alex just turned 16 years old...
this is my look back at the year.

I have put in some of Alex's main adventures and achievements as a 15 year old.

Underneath each photo...
I have included a link to the corresponding article...
in case you have not seen it yet.

Alex is growing so fast...
and he has past a major milestone in young American youths...
he started learning how to drive.

Alex is a 3rd year High School Student (Junior)...
and he will most probably be graduating in less than a year.

Alex at home enjoying a quiet evening just after supper.

We had offered Alex a new and updated iPad for his birthday...
but Alex said he didn't want anything.

He also said that he didn't want to go out to eat...
as he preferred his mother's cooking
(he had Unagi Donburi for supper).

It is not unusual for Alex to not want anything special.

As Alex loves to learn...
he has everything he needs...
and he is doing that which he loves most...
studying and having free time to himself.

We also go places for mini adventures.

Alex Registering For Spring Semester At UNR - Game Theory

Alex's Last Final In Differential Equations At UNR

Alex's Mathematically Themed Winter Solstice

Alex Enjoys Neighborhood Christmas Lights - I

Alex Enjoys Neighborhood Christmas Lights - II

Alex Goes To Japan II - Alex Meets His Japanese Relatives

Alex Goes To Japan III - His Grandparents' Neighborhood

Alex Goes To Japan V - Grandfather's Boat

Alex Goes To Japan VII - Alex Goes To His Uncle's House

Alex Goes To Japan IX - The Beginning Of Our 31 Hour Trip Home

Alex Goes To Japan X - The Magical Haneda International Airport

Alex Wins Gold Again

Alex At The A Star Math Competition

Week One Of Three - Local Academic Olympics

Week Two Of Three - Local Academic Olympics

Week Three Of Three - Local Academic Olympics

Alex's 1st Place Local 'Voice Of Democracy' Essay Win

In my next article...
I will continue with Alex's year in review as a 15 year old.

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