Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Alex's Progress In Intro To Analysis I (Mathematical)

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 Intro To Analysis I

It is this semester's math course for Alex at the University Of Nevada Reno.

Alex had made a few mistakes in his earlier assignments...
but as you will see...
he has steadily improved, and he is now doing very well in this class.

Alex had gotten an additional 2 points for an extra credit problem in his first homework...
and so, he got a total of 7.5 out of 8.

In Alex's first quiz...
he had gotten a perfect score.

Alex had not fully demonstrated his work here in his homework...
and so...he had gotten a 7 out of 8.

In Alex's second quiz...
he had gotten a perfect score.

And for Alex's third homework assignment...
he had gotten another perfect score.

Alex is greatly enjoying this class...
and so, he is steadily moving forwards.

Next semester...
he will be taking Analysis II.

All this week is Autumn break for his online high school.
Alex is busy working ahead in all of his assignments.

(His university doesn't have a break now).


Our car has been in the shop for a week and a half
(high pressure fuel pump and a fuel injector malfunction).

As a result...
Alex has not been able to practice his driving.

I should be getting my car back tomorrow.

Very soon...
Alex will be driving us to see some fall colors.


  1. Good to see that Alex is continuing to do well in his university classes.

    I miss seeing posts with the amazing meals you eat. :). Hopefully you have your car back now so Alex can resume your driving practice and you can go get great meals. :)

  2. Alex is learning rapidly, especially in his university courses.

    We will be going out again soon. We just got the car back. Hopefully soon, we will go driving to see the fall colors...and to eat some more delicious meals.


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