Thursday, October 13, 2016

Alex's Help With His Grandmother's Library

Song:  Take The Long Way Home

Group:  Supertramp

Alex had helped me take the fish tanks to his grandmother's house...
and he helped me take in a heavy massage chair.

Now my mother's library is almost completely set up.

My mother loves to sit in this room and watch the fish in her 3 fish tanks:

1 - 36 gal. nursery / breeding tank

1 - 54 gal. female corner isolation tank (to prevent breeding)

1 - 75 gal. main tank

Each tank is freshwater, and each is filled with live plants.

My mother wishes to breed miniature red shrimp.

In 6 months time...
with just 10 mating pair of shrimp...
one thousand shrimp will have been born...
and it will increase exponentially unless you control the breeding 
with a female isolation tank.

These shrimp are just so interesting to watch.

This is the 36 gal. breeding / nursery tank.

These are some of the red shrimp.

In front of each tank is a padded seat for close observation.

This is the female isolation corner tank.

The one year sapling Japanese Maple is only inside until I plant it in the front area
for my mother.  It had only just arrived today...and I must wait for another few days
before planting it.  A storm is moving in with expected high gusts of wind.

This is the main tank.

I had also ordered my mother a simulated stained glass window covering.

In the daytime...
it will be very colorful in this room.

It should arrive next week sometime.

This is the space chair (massage chair).
Alex had helped me put it in the house.

My mother loves this chair.

This is the perfect sleep inducer just before bed.

It has pre-programed massages...
or one may manually input their own.

I also really like it.

It massages in multiple ways...
from rollers to timed inflatable bags and pressure balls or vibrations...
and all, with or without heat.

This stand had also arrived today.

I had put it together.

My mother's iPod and speaker set will be playing beautiful music whenever my mother 
relaxes in this room.  She will also burn some incense whenever she wishes.
My mother also wishes to place some flowers on top.

Just below the table top...
is a second shelf.

This will have books on it...
and so...she may call this room her library  :)

My mother also has one other tank.

It is a special hospital tank used just when a fish needs to be medically isolated...
and treated.

My mother loves watching the fish and the shrimp swim around and eat.

My mother now spends many hours a day in this room.

My mother treated Alex and I to dinner for our help.

I had a three taco plate.

My mother and Alex had taken the fried Tilapia.

After our meal...
Alex went back to his grandmother's house to try out the space chair.

My mother just reclined in the big chair.

This chair is so comfortable.

Earlier in the day while I was reclining in it...
I had fallen asleep.

Hana also enjoys this chair.

Although Hana loves to sometimes sit on the big chair...
her favorite spot is on her pillow in her corner...
just on the other side of the big chair.

I call the massage chair a space chair because it resembles an astronaut's chair 
in preparation for take off...
when the massage chair is put into 'zero gravity' position.

'Zero gravity' position is when the feet are placed higher than the rest of the body...
with or without heat or massage.

I had found this chair to be very much worth the money.

My mother loves it.

She will be using it everyday...
and she will then recline in the big chair.

I think she will spend most of her time on the chairs in front of each aquarium.

Alex got a big hug from grandma for all of his help.

Alex's grandmother is really happy with her relaxation room.

Alex will be visiting her house every so often in the future.


Hopefully, we will have a heavy rain storm in a few days.

This will be a perfect opportunity to take Alex out for some storm driving lessons.


  1. What a great setup in the relaxation room! Both big recliner chair and the space chair look so comfortable... I can see that it is easy to fall asleep while sitting in them.

    Cool to have shrimp. But how can you tell which are female?

  2. The females grow to be larger, and when they have eggs, their belly gets very large. They are very fun to watch.


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