Sunday, October 23, 2016

Alex's Parallel Parking

Song:  Poker Face

Artist:  Lady GaGa

Alex had done so well on his parallel parking practice that we will be moving on
to other skills.

I had first had Alex practice on a couple of cars in our neighborhood at night...
and I then set up a couple of trash cans in front of our house.

At first...
I had made each about 5 feet from the ends of the car...
and I then had Alex practice his parallel parking with the extra room.

When he had gotten the hang of this distance...
I then decreased the distance to just two feet from the ends of the car.

This was to have him practice minor corrections in a tight space.

For his next lesson...
I had him drive to downtown Reno to practice parallel parking
under real life conditions.

Alex had just parallel parked into this spot.

There was a car in front...
and behind our car.

Alex had practiced this maneuver over and over again.

Each of his parallel parkings took only from zero to one correction.

Alex applied well the initial set up for his parallel parking.

Most people make the initial mistake of being too close to the side of the car 
they wish to park behind.

When they do this...
they cannot make the necessary turn soon enough.

The initial set up makes all the difference.

those are Star Wars pajama bottoms...
and a Batman T-shirt  :)

This waterfall near our home will soon be turned off...
as the depths of Winter will soon be upon us.

Autumn colors are just now finishing up in our neighborhood.

This photo is from a neighbor's yard.


We were going to see the Autumn colors at Lake Tahoe last week...
but that storm had moved in.

We may go in a couple of days...
or we may not.

We will have to see.


This song reminds me of Alex...
as he often wears a poker face.

Alex tries to suppress any outwards emotional tells.

It is actually a good general trait.

This way...
only the deepest and most spontaneous emotions show...
which others see as very sincere.

Alex is a very genuine and deeply sincere person.


The ones people should avoid is the person who wears the...
Joker Face.

You know the ones.
They have the grossly exaggerated wide and toothy smile...
all the while, their eyes are devoid of any involvement.

Their eyes are dead because their soul is dead...
and because they are concentrating on monitoring the people around them
to see if they are buying the act.

Their heart is filled with deceit...
and their ego is inflated with the self aggrandizement 
and arrogance of one who thinks he / she is fooling the world.

I wonder if you know of anyone who fits the bill?
(or rather, whom is one with Bill  :)


  1. Parallel parking is a good skill to have, especially in big cities. There are a lot of people who never feel comfortable with it so it is good to see that Alex got the hang of it already (thanks to your good lesson!)

  2. Alex did very well, much better and much more quickly than I would have thought. The practice with the trash cans really put everything in perspective in a manner that took risk out of the process so he could concentrate on the mechanics of the maneuver.


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