Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Alex's Intermountain Math Competition Practice

Song:  Zero To Sixty In Five

Group:  Pablo Cruise

Last week...
Alex had received an email which had been sent out 
by a UNR professor of advanced and graduate level mathematics 
to all students of higher level mathematics at the university.

He is recruiting advanced mathematicians at the university to attend his 
competition math practice to prepare for the Intermountain / Putnam math competitions.

Alex started his first practice session for the Intermountain Math Competition at UNR today.

It is a math competition for university students...
and it is one step below the famed Putnam university math competition.

Alex wishes to compete at the 2016 Intermountain Math Competition.

Addendum:  Alex learned that the competition will be held at each university...
and the results will be compiled and sent to each participating university
so placements can be known before the end of the contest.

Alex going in to his practice session at UNR.

Alex is excited about his competing at this competition.

in a little over one month...
Alex will be competing at UNR at the same time
as the other universities will be taking theirs.


  1. Alex has participated in many top math competitions... I am curious to hear mare about how this one compares. Sounds like it will be a good challenge for him.

  2. Alex says that as it is a university competition, it is the toughest competition so far. We will have to see how he does next month in Utah.


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