Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Alex Helping His Grandmother

New Age Bamboo Flute Music

A couple of days ago...
Alex helped me take a 75 Gal. fish tank, and stand, to my mother's house...
and helped me set it up.

My mother is starting a new hobby...
breeding tropical live bearing fish.

When the rest of the equipment arrives in a couple of days...
I will be adding water and we will then go fish shopping.

For more details on my mother's new hobby:

My mother was grateful to Alex and I for setting up her fish tank...
so, she treated us to AYCE sushi at the Atlantis.

Alex snapping a photo of jetting flames from the pillars.

I will be taking Alex over to see his grandmother more often now.

He will be using one of her exercise machines...
and afterwards...he will drink something cool as he views the fish tank.


  1. Nice setup for your mother's new hobby. You'll have to post pictures when there are fish in the tank. Your mother looks good, and very happy, especially in that one photo where Alex is sitting next to her.

    It never ceases to amaze me how much fabulous looking sushi you all can eat there!

  2. My mother wants to buy several more tanks. She is looking forwards to setting everything up and filling them with fish. She wants to set up the nursery tank so she can start breeding right away.

    AYCE sushi is so inexpensive, we often eat it. My mother's new favorite sushi is salmon with lemon slices. When it comes to many foods, my mother can still eat more than most people. The chefs laughed a little with all of our repeated orders. They are always surprised at how much my mother eats.


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