Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Alex Swimming At Lake Tahoe July 2016

Song:  The Air That I Breathe

Group:  The Hollies

I had taken this sunset photo from our backyard just a few days ago.

We were going to Lake Tahoe for the day in a couple of days.

We also wanted to capture a nice sunset from there.

As Alex will be getting his Driver's Permit this week...
I have been having Alex fill up the car whenever we need gas.

We are on our way to Lake Tahoe here.

We decided to leave home after 2 PM and get something to eat...
and then depart Reno for the lake.

As Lake Tahoe is just 1 hour away...
we didn't want to arrive too early.

We stopped by this restroom / viewing area on the NorthEastern section of the lake.

We walked around for a bit...

and then departed for Sand Harbor.

This is one section of Sand Harbor...
and where Alex enjoyed his swim.

After wading in a bit...
Alex soon wanted to take of his shirt so he could swim.

We let Alex swim until he had enough.

We then departed for Spooner Lake.

It is this very small lake just a short distance from Lake Tahoe.

What we had found there was just a perfect place for many future visits.

My next article will cover our visit to Spooner Lake.

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