Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Alex Goes To Northstar's Open House

Song:  Moonlight Sonata Mov. 1/2/3

Performing Pianist:  Valentina Lisitsa

Northstar is Alex's online high school.

Today was their open house.

Although the new academic school year doesn't start until August 8th...
today's function was designed to welcome potential newcomers...
as well as to welcome back returning students.

A local radio station was broadcasting from outside the school today...
and the DJ had interviewed one of the staff during his program.

This is the K through 8th computer lab.

This is the high school computer lab.

This is a presentation room.

Another shot of the high school computer lab.

Something new this year is 'zSPACE'.

It is a dedicated room for virtual reality learning on special computers.

The student wears head tracking 3-D eyewear as he manipulates objects on the screen
with an optical stylus.

There are multiple programs and uses for these machines.

They are designed to take the place of hands on labs in many instances.

Alex was doing a virtual dissection of a human body on one of the Biology programs.

Alex then switched to a Physics program.

With dedicated or open roaming and variable input possibilities...
the students may learn from a teacher's lesson plan...
or they may discover on their own.

This is Alex's new counselor. 

My wife had discussed Alex's desired schedule of classes with her.

Alex will be taking the following this semester from Northstar:

AP Literature

AP Micro Economics (and AP Macro Economics the following semester)

AP or Honors Physics (we are unsure if AP Physics will be offered)

Honors World History

Alex will be taking the following from Brigham Young University online:

Japanese 2

And Alex will be attending the University of Nevada Reno for:

Mathematical Analysis I

(and Mathematical Analysis II the following semester).


Alex now has his glasses.

We are going to the DMV in the morning...
and in the evening...
I am going to start teaching Alex how to drive.

It is too bad there aren't any available virtual reality driving simulators
for Alex to start out on  :)

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