Friday, July 8, 2016

Alex completes his last Summer class of 2016

Song:  Ordinary World

Group:  Duran Duran

Alex completed his UNR course final today.

I took this photo as I picked up Alex just outside of the building
which had held his course
(The Davidson Math and Science Building).

The course was called Intro to Mathematical Proofs.

Ales thinks he will receive an 'A' in this course as well.
We will find out next week sometime.

Alex's professors have had no idea of his age.
Alex is very mature for his age 
(he is 15 years old now...
and he was 13 yrs. old when he was first accepted as a math student
at the University of Nevada Reno).

This course is a 3rd year University course...
and it is known as the first major obstacle for University Math Majors.

It is this course which separates mere calculations from mathematical theory.

The person who continues on with Math Major course work
will have to heavily develop his logical skills.

Usually only Math Majors take this course.

In this one course...
there was a full one third attrition rate from the course beginning until the day of the finals.

Many Math Majors change their majors after attempting this course.

Alex did well in his studies in this course...
and of course...
in his other Summer course at Mountain College.

The reason Alex took one course at Mountain College was because of scheduling.

Because he is already a student at the University of Nevada Reno...
it was a simple matter to also enroll him in another educational institution.

Alex will be taking Mathematical Analysis next semester at UNR.

Also next semester...
Alex will be considered a University Senior in Math...
and he will be considered a high school Junior at the same time.

A problem will occur when Alex finishes all university undergraduate math requirements
before he graduates from high school.

As he is only a part time university student (mostly math)...
he will have a very difficult time securing university graduate level math courses
next year.


Addendum 07/10/16:  Alex had gotten an A- in the class.

A very good grade in a very tough course for most.


Later this same day...
we gave Alex his choice of restaurants to eat at to celebrate his final day 
of his Summer session.

He picked a nearby Chinese restaurant.

I had started out with a chicken salad...
and my wife and I shared some fresh rolls.

Alex started out with Gyoza (pot stickers).

We both had ordered lemonade (theirs is fresh squeezed).

Alex ordered a half roast duck...

and he had ordered Seafood Chow Fun.

My wife had ordered a seafood stone pot mix.

 I had the Beef Chow Fun...
and some of Alex's and my wife's food  :)

Alex enjoyed his meal.

Next week...
Alex will be helping teach at a math camp for elementary students.

Alex will have about one month until the start of the next semester.

Until then...
he is still studying his Japanese...
and he will be taking his test for his driver's permit.

I will be starting to teach Alex how to drive in just another week or two.

I will get him used to the car and some of the basics...
and we will then enter him into an actual driving school...
and I will then give him years of concentrated experience...
and after he gets his license...
we will send him to a professional's driver's course
(similar to race car driver / bodyguard / Highway Patrol schools).


My life is bitter sweet at times now.

Alex is progressing fast...
and extremely well.

In just a couple of more years...
Alex will be going full time to a University...
and my mind is always filled with memories of Alex when he was younger.

I am already feeling heavily nostalgic.

However, just as the song states:

'But I won't cry for yesterday...
there's an ordinary world somehow I have to find'.

'And as I try to make my way to the ordinary world...
I will learn to survive' ... :)


  1. Will you have Alex take some non-math undergraduate classes? Not sure if he is ready, though he seems to be doing so well with his writing.

    That dreaded day is nearly here... when Alex gets his driver's permit. ;) I wish you well with that.

    Those Chinese meals looked delicious!

    I can imagine how you are feeling these days... time has passed very quickly and with Alex making such progress, it won't be long before he is on his own. A parent's job is to prepare their children for life...and though a parent's job is never really complete, it is a bit melancholy when you can see the day when your mission is complete.

  2. Alex may just go for breadth in the mathematical fields instead of zeroing in, in a particular field of study, until he goes full time.

    Alex is studying the driver's manual now. I hope to have him take the test next week. Alex is a little nervous :) That is good. It will keep him driving cautiously.


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