Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Alex At Spooner Lake July 2016

Song:  One Day

Artist:  Henrik Airaksinen

Right after Alex's swim...
we took a short car ride to Spooner Lake.

It was then just a short hike to the actual lake.

what makes this place so special for us is that it has a 2.5 mile route 
around the lake...and it has several large Aspen groves.

This means two things for us.

One - we can do our mountain bike rides here.
We can go around the lake several times if we wish a longer ride.

Two - This place will have beautiful yellow fall colors.

I will also bring my mother here for a short hike.

From this bench...
the many aspen groves are visible.

A little boy is trying his luck in the lake.

After a short time at the lake...
we then hiked back to the car.

Just as we reached the car...
Alex picked up a stick and played Musashi  :)

We then drove back to Sandy Harbor to see the entire area...
and not just one swimming beach.

There are some very nice views at Sandy Harbor.

They have a paved walkway overlooking the shore line.

It is a very nice walk...
and another place I will take my mother to see.

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