Thursday, July 28, 2016

Alex At Lake Tahoe - Nevada Beach / A Flame Sunset

Song:  Nuvole Bianche

Artist:  Ludovico Einaudi

as it was uncharacteristically hot in Reno...
and there were clouds in the sky (which gives great potential for a beautiful sunset)...
we went back to Lake Tahoe so Alex could swim at another beach...
and so we could catch a nice sunset.

This time...
we got a very beautiful sunset...
thanks to the many clouds in the sky over Lake Tahoe.

As Lake Tahoe is just one hour away from home...
we didn't leave until after 4:30 PM.

We had arrived at Nevada Beach with plenty time for Alex to enjoy a swim.

The skies are usually crystal clear in Reno and Lake Tahoe.

However, there have been several forest fires in California lately.

Just after 7 PM...Alex then dried off and we prepared to leave
to go to a beach trail to see the sunset.

We were leaving Nevada Beach here.

We were on our way to the beach trail.

We only walked about a tenth of a mile along the trail...
as our goal was to find a nice vantage point to watch the sunset.

Next time...
we will go to Hidden Beach.

We had found many nice photo vantage points...
but we kept going until we were satisfied.

 This was our spot.

Alex sat on a rock as we watched the sunset.

Although the sunset was initially a bright amber one...
it soon became a beautiful flame sunset.

We then started walking back to catch the rest of the sunset from different 
vantage points.

The sky started to take on reds...
and even had a 'candle flame' just above the sun.

This was not a lens anomaly.

The appearance of a flame like apparition just above where the sun had set
looked the same in real life as it appears here in the photo.

 The reds deepened and became the intense colors of hot burning embers.

The intensity of the 'flames' gave way to gentler pinks.

We then drove back to Reno to have supper at the Atlantis Casino.

We went to Sky Terrace Sushi and had all you can eat sushi.

These are 3 of my favorite sushi...
salmon with lemon slices...unagi...and grilled scallops with tobiko and green onions
(these was just the starter plates.  I kept ordering until I could not eat any more  :)

While we were eating...
the towers above the sky terrace jetted their flames.

We finished our meals fully sated.

Alex had another fun day under the sun...
and we finally got our beautiful sunset at Lake Tahoe.


  1. A most spectacular sunset! You have posted photos of great ones before but this may be the best yet. And topped off with delicious and plentiful sushi... what a fabulous evening!

  2. Yes, we were glad to have captured a sunset over Lake Tahoe. We were going to keep going back on cloudy days until we got a good one. :).

    There are still more places to explore there, and we are going to keep trying new places before Summer runs out.


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