Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Alex's Music Appreciation Essay I

Song:  Black Orpheus

Artists:  (Bass Flute) Sergio Barrenechea

(Guitar) Richard Miller

right after I had picked up Alex from UNR...
I took him to his music appreciation class at Mountain College.

His mother also wanted to go along on this day...
as she wanted to take pictures of Alex as he ate his lunch before his class.

Alex's mother had made him clam stuffed rice balls...
and chicken fingers.

This is Alex's view as he eats his lunch.

Alex was assigned an essay to be completed in a few days...
in his Music Appreciation class.

He finished it in about one hour later on this day...
once he got home.

Alex really enjoys this class.

He put in the turn in date on this paper...
even though he had finished it yesterday.


It is funny...
his mother likes David Bowie...
I love Pink Floyd...
but I don't know where he had gotten Queen  :)


Addendum 6/22/16:

Alex got his graded paper back from his Music Appreciation professor
a week later.

This was his college professor's comment:

Alex was so proud.

Although Alex has been going to University for two years now...
all of his previous classes were for advanced math.

This Music Appreciation class is Alex's first college class
which is not math related.

Alex now realizes that he can do well in all university level classes...
and not just in math.


  1. Very well written. I think that many people would have difficulty explaining why they like the music they like; Alex was very thoughtful in his answers and articulated his thoughts well.

  2. Alex enjoys this class a lot. He learned of the structure of Motzart's music today. I am surprised. Alex seems to enjoy learning about music theory.


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