Monday, June 20, 2016

A Father's Day Card From Alex - 2016

Song:  Illumination

Group:  Secret Garden

You may have a tremendous life without having raised children.

you will never experience true magic in your life...
until you do.

To all young couples wanting to have children...
wait until you are monetarily and emotionally stable enough to guarantee 
your children's happiness and welfare.

They are not there to make you happy.

You are there to guide them and to make them happy.

Their happiness is what makes you happy.

It is my son's purity of heart which I love the most about him.

I will take a pure heart over any other human attribute...
every time.

A sacred bond between parent and child can only be formed
if you are there...
in heart, mind, and body.

This is earned...
through careful guidance throughout their young lives.

My life had only become magical once my son was born 
and had come into my life.

This is the reward of having been a true parent...
a magical life...
for your child...
and so, for you.


  1. I had to smile at the picture he drew of himself carrying the 160 lbs. on the yoke walk with the connecting heart from you. I think he really understands your motivations and actions to help him prepare for a great life.

  2. Yes, Alex is quite aware of the things we have him do and the reasons for them. He well knows that childhood is very short, and the time for thorough preparation for life is in the early years. Alex is very reasonable, and he is a long term thinker. He deserves the best in life because he has always worked for it.

  3. "You are there to guide them." So true.

  4. A child cannot be happy without guidance...not then, and not later. A parent is not a true mother or father without giving him or her loving guidance.


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