Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Alex's MTE - Middle School Tests And Solutions

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This article will cover the Middle School Division
tests and solutions from Alex's Mathematical Talent Exhibition...
as they were given to the middle schoolers (grades 6th through 8th).

Could Alex have done these problems when he was in Middle School?

When Alex was in the 8th grade...
his school had placed him with the 12th graders in their Trigonometry class.
Alex was an official tutor for this class.

Alex had also taken his first official ACT with essay in the 8th grade.

He had scored 33 with a perfect Math score
(a few months later he would go on to score a perfect Math score on his SAT...
and a couple of months later...
a perfect score on his SAT subject II test - Math Specialty).

in the summer right after the 8th grade...
Alex started going to the University of Nevada Reno...
for his math.

the solutions.

This brilliant young man (8th grader) had taken the 
Grand Award for the Middle School Division.

He is posing with Alex and he is holding his
7" Color Kindle Fire and he is wearing his medal.


 I loved seeing the great pride in the eyes of the parents.

To even have a child competing at this level was a proud moment for them.

To have them win awards at this level...
well...it can only be experienced.


In my next article...
I will post all of the High School Division problems and solutions.

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