Friday, May 27, 2016

Alex's MTE - High School Tests And Solutions

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The original High School Contest Schedule.

The first of four subject tests:


The Second of four subject tests:


The third of four subject tests:


The fourth of four subject tests:


the solutions:

And, once again...
the winners of the Algebra subject test:

These two had tied for first place in Algebra.

The first place winner for Geometry...
with almost a perfect score!

The winner of the Discrete subject test.

The Calculus subject test winner was the girl holding the paper in this photo.

And the Grand Award High School winner:

He had the highest combined score for all four subject tests.

He is posing here with Alex...
 and he is holding his TI Nspire CX CAS Color Graphing Calculator...
and he is wearing his medal.

And there you have it...
Alex's first Mathematical Talent Exhibition.

Alex had a lot of fun designing the competition problems 
and providing the solutions.

The whole event went smoothly.

Should any child do these problems...
under the same guidelines and time constraints...
and achieve an overall score of 95% or above...
he should be competing on, at least, the national level.

He is a 1 in 10,000 mathlete
(subjective estimation).

He would do very well in the AMC / AIME competitions.

He would also do very well in the ARML Nationals / Internationals.

If a child gets 80% or more in the elementary school level...
he is well on his way to doing well in future math competitions.

If he gets 80% or more in the middle school level...
he would do very well in Mathcounts competition
(6th through 8th grades).

Alex was the 2014 Nevada State Mathcounts Champion...
and he went to the Nationals in Florida.

Any child who learns how to do problems such as the ones
Alex had put together for this competition...
 will be well on his way to a future in some of the most lucrative professions.

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