Sunday, May 22, 2016

Alex's Mathematical Talent Exhibition - Contest Day

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No doubt about it...
Alex's Mathematical Talent Exhibition Rocked!  :)

Alex's problems had challenged the best of them.

The contestants had given it their all...
and had performed at a level most had never done before.

Mr. Guncu of Coral Academy got us the use of 
Coral Academy Elementary School at the last minute.

The contests had flowed smoothly due to Mrs. Griffin's great 
coordination of events...
and the parents stepped up and helped tremendously in every capacity...
and without whom...
the contest could not have been run at all.

The parents of math competitors are a special breed.

They highly value education...
and so...
they willingly do whatever it takes to give their children challenges and opportunities.

They are always ready to pitch in.


Alex's time table of events for each school category.

We had arrived early.

I put up directional signs while Alex coordinated with Mrs. Griffin.

Alex had one last minute correction in the middle school team rounds.
He had placed all the problems on one sheet when they needed four separate packs.

Alex got busy with the scissors and quickly corrected the problem.

Most of the high schoolers arrived.
By the end...there were about a dozen who had competed.

After each high school category test...
I had lain out the solutions so the competitors could get immediate feedback
upon exiting the testing room.

The scoring and tabulating room.

All of the tests were double scored to ensure error free accuracy.

Alex and I double teamed for the high school tests.

There was just a short wait after the conclusion of the competition
until all of the scores were tabulated.

All of the contestants from all categories.

There were about a dozen each for middle and high school...
and approximately 34 for elementary school.

Alex was also in this picture (right rear).

Mrs. Griffin (Founder of NNV Math Club) supplied all of the ribbons and medals...
and we had supplied the overall winner awards for Elementary / Middle / High School...
a 7" Color Kindle Fire each for the Elementary and Middle Schools...
and a TI Nspire CX CAS Color Graphing Calculator for High School.

The award ceremony.

Mrs. Griffin announced the winners for each category...
and the awards were taken to Alex where he was standing in front of the white wall.

Alex then presented them their award, shook their hand...
and then posed for pictures with each one.

Although all of the elementary and middle school students had taken the same tests...
awards were given for the top placers for each grade.

This absolutely brilliant young man took the Grand Award for elementary school.

There was a special award for any competitor who had scored at 95% or more overall.

This young man had actually almost won the Mastery of Math special award.

Any child having done so would have been in the 1 in 10,000 competitor level of math.

This was the Grand Award winner for middle school.

He had also done brilliantly.

For high school...
 there were awards for the best in each category:





These two exceptionally brilliant young men had tied for 1st in Algebra.

The young man on the right had just come back from a national math contest
in Chicago (he is an exchange student from Thailand)...
where he had taken number 1 in the nation.

The young man on the left is one of the top performers in the NNV Math Club.

The top performer from NNV Math Club had taken 1st in Geometry
(he is especially strong in Geometry...he almost had a perfect score).

The Thai exchange student took 1st place in Discrete Math.

The young lady holding the paper in her hand had taken 1st place in Calculus.

She is another strong performer in NNV Math Club.

She had to go before the award ceremony took place.

the High School Grand Award winner...
the young man from the NNV Math Club.

He had the highest conglomerate score for all four of the categories.


After the competition...
Alex got to choose where he wanted to eat.

Alex had chosen to eat at Skyway Terrace Sushi...
at the Atlantis Casino.

As I had decided to eat from the Oyster Bar...
we were given a table where Alex and his mother could order all you can eat Sushi...
and I could have Seafood Fettuccini.

Alex and his mother working on their second orders.

We usually go here late in the evening...
but during daylight there is a beautiful view outside.

On our way home after a fantastic day!

Alex had really done a spectacular job with his math competition.

It is Alex's deepest desire to attract the youth to the beauty of math...
to get them interested as early as possible.

It was in the spirit of this that he had made his math competition.

In the next article...
I will present the Elementary School math problems...
and the solution pages.

In the following article...
I will present the Middle School math problems...
and the solution pages.

In the article afterwards...
I will present the High School math problems...
and the solution pages.

I think you will be impressed at the level at which the competitors were performing.


  1. How awesome that Alex had the idea to do this, and then followed through to make it all happen. He provided a great experience for all of these kids. Fabulous!

  2. Alex did an exceptional job with this contest. He loves teaching, making contests, and writing texts and essays. This provided excellent groundwork for all his future endeavors. He gained much experience in organization and coordination of his resources. But, his crowning achievement is the lives he is guiding toward a better future by giving them the love of math.


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