Thursday, April 7, 2016

Northstar's Writing Assignments

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Alex's online high school has many Advanced Placement courses
for their students to take.

I was pleasantly surprised at the number and depth of the writing assignments
assigned to the students in many of their classes.

Below is how many of the assignments are issued to the students.

I've included a couple of the many writing assignments assigned by this
one class (AP US History B).

Alex has to write one to two of these assignments per week 
for this one course alone.

Being able to write well...
not to even mention reading and digesting a lot of material...
is an essential skill to master while still in high school.

At university...
the pace will be blistering.

I think that so many drop out of university because 
they are simply not prepared to handle the reading and writing 
load that a university student is expected to handle.

As a tenth grader...
Alex knows that assignments which involve
critical analysis of that which was an essential skill.

If high school students balk at this...
they will not be prepared for the rigors of a university.

It is through this practice that a student will prepare himself
 for everything else in life.

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