Saturday, April 23, 2016

Alex At The ARML Locals / Math League Elementary School State Competition

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Today, Alex competed in the ARML Local Competition.

Through this competition...
he established his placement on the NNV Math Team 
going to the ARML Nationals in Las Vegas this June
(A National and International high school math competition).

Alex said that this year he would like to stay in the dorms with his team
throughout the two day competition (ARML Nationals).

He will also eat at the university cafeteria along with his team.

Alex wants to get used to doing these things on his own...
as he will be a full time university student in a couple of years.

Today was a simultaneously run competition in the same building
for the State Finals of the Math League Elementary School Division...
and the ARML Local competition.

The award ceremony for both would be later on this afternoon.

We had arrived early...

and we had gone around to the front of the building.

I had not realized at the time...
but the front doors were not being used for this day's competition.

Since we had arrived early...
it was before they could put up signs telling the doors were alarmed.

And yes...I had opened an alarmed door  :)

After we went around to a side door...
I helped put up signs on all of the front doors.

Some of the competitors started arriving.

These were the Math League Elementary School Division State Finalists.

Only the top five finishers in each grade will go on to the Nationals
(The Nationals are later this year in Houston, TX).

After several hours of competition...
everyone was waiting to go to the auditorium for the awards ceremony.

Alex is wearing last year's ARML Nationals T-shirt.

These were the top 5 students in 3rd grade...
from left to right...5th through first.

The young boy who had won first place (on the right)...
had the biggest smile on his face.

These were the 4th graders going to the Nationals (left to right...fifth to first place).

These were the five fifth graders going to the Nationals
(left to right...fifth to first).

Alex had taken 1st place in the ARML Local.

Alex walking back with his individual first place ribbon.

Alex holding up his 1st place ribbon in our backyard.

Alex had also qualified for another National math contest being held in Chicago, Illinois.

However, it was being held on this same day...
and Alex wanted to qualify for the ARML Nationals instead.

After relaxing for a little while at home...
we then went out to a neighborhood all you can eat Sushi restaurant.


Alex is going to his math circle tomorrow.

He is always excited to go and expand his knowledge.

Alex is also busy finishing up his Math Contest
(his design and problems).

It will be near the end of next month.

He hopes to attract many competitors.

I can hardly wait for Alex's first annual Mathematical Talent Exhibition.


  1. Congrats to Alex on another superb performance! And kudos to him for wanting to stay in the dorm and eating in the cafeteria with his team at Nationals this time. It is a good sign that he wants to be more independent and that he feels confident that he can handle it. Although I wouldn't be surprised if his parents will be a little more nervous. ;)

  2. Yes, I was proud of Alex at how he wants to spread his wings. He starts driving practice next month.
    This is what worries me. Compared to that, this is small potatoes...although, this year, we are going to stay in a hotel just off campus so it will be easy to visit him in the dorms :)


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