Monday, March 14, 2016

Week IV - Semi Finals - 2016 Local Academic Olympics

Song:  Beautiful Horizon

Artist:  Louis Viallet

Week four - the Semi Finals.

Northstar had only one heat today.

It was sudden death...
the winner of which would go on to the finals.

The winners here (only the top four teams) 
will meet in three weeks...
for a sudden death competition of one to two heats.

The winners of the first heat will meet in a head to head 
final heat to determine who will go to the State Finals.

Alex just before entering the competition site.

The team just before the start of the competition.

The Northstar team in place and ready to go.

Alex was the team captain.

The opposing team.

They are from an expensive private school.

The young man in the hat was a new team member.

He turned out to be a very strong general knowledge man also.

It was half time...
and one of the coaches for Northstar is giving a pep talk...
and he had switched out one of the members
(as did the opposing team).

Northstar was ahead at half time...
but the other team was close behind.

Northstar really rallied and pulled out far ahead in the second round...
to secure the win.

Northstar (Alex's school) will be going to the finals in three weeks.

It was such an exciting heat to watch...
my hands were damp with sweat at the end.

 The coaches congratulated the team on their win...
and told them the date of the finals.

Northstar is an online high school...
and this was their first year of competition.

For them to have made it into the finals in their first year
was such a fantastic feat for them.

In the finals...
they are going to go up against some of the best high schools in the county.

Alex was happy...
and we, of course...
went out for a victory dinner later that night.

We went out to one of our favorite all you can eat Sushi restaurants...
 Skywalk Terrace Sushi.

After we had eaten our fill...
we went home to rest.

Alex has another math tournament this weekend.

These past two weeks have been busy...
but Alex loves all of his activities...
especially all of his competitions.

He learns something valuable from each one...
and so, he steadily progresses.


  1. Nice achievement for the team, and nice sushi to celebrate! :)

  2. We are anxiously awaiting the local finals on the 4th of April. This will determine which team will go on to the State Finals. We are greatly encouraged by Alex's school's performance as a team. But the other schools have also been doing well. It will all come down to the next day of competition.


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