Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Week 2 Of 3 - Local Academic Olympics

Song:  Welcome To My World

Artist:  Florian Bur

A couple of days ago...
week 2 of the competition began.

Alex was now the team captain...
and there was a new person on the team (red hoodie).

He was a very good general knowledge man...
however, Alex was still the Math man...
and Alex had also done surprisingly well on some literature
and geographical trivia questions.

Northstar had secured their first win.

This was the Northstar team for week two.

And...Northstar had again...won.

For the third heat...
Northstar was ahead after the first half (there were math questions).

However, they then lost the third heat.

Although Northstar had won the final heat...
giving them 3 out of 4 wins for the day...
Alex doesn't consider it a win.

There was only one student for this young man's high school in the competition
(the final score was over 300 points for Northstar...and 23 for this young man).

However, I was very impressed with this young man.

He had displayed no frustration during the contest...
and he had tried his very best...
 especially since he had no idea who he was up against in math.

Alex is the finest mathematician in the whole contest.

Alex after the competition.

On our way to dinner.

We decided to go to the Outback for a meat heavy meal.

Alex had a full rack of barbecued baby back ribs.

I had a 22 oz bone in rib eye steak.

In true Alex fashion...
he eats everything to the bone...

He then had a mini mint chocolate milk shake.

This modern version of a '70s muscle car (Dodge Challenger) was parked outside.

I just had to get a picture of it.

It reminded me of my first car...
a '72 Plymouth Barracuda 340 Rally Sport - in Deep Yellow with a Black Vinyl Top
(I was 17 years old and living on Oahu (in Hawaii) when I bought it.
I had spent years cruising around the island (on the weekends)...
in search of the best Winter waves to boggie board and body surf...
and the best free diving spots in Summer).

Ahh...the memories  :)

Early next week will be the final 4 heats of the competition.

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