Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring / Alex's Math League Competition At UNR - Silver

Song:  The Red Aspens

Artist:  Jennifer Thomas

Alex was at the math competition at UNR...
 so, my wife and I went a couple of hours early
to the awards ceremony to take some Spring flower photos.

We stopped at a neighborhood park a few miles down the mountain from home.

These men were practicing Tai Chi Push Hands at the park.

My wife and I then walked around the University and took some more photos.

Alex's award ceremony wouldn't take place for several hours.

This was the biggest competition to date for the series of 6.

There were over 80 competitors from elementary through high school.

Alex had taken the Silver Medal again.

The young man standing next to Alex had taken 5th place...
and the man on the end had taken 4th place.

The first place winner was an 11th grader...
and he is also in the NNV Math Club (Not in the picture).

Alex had taken 2nd place and he is a 10th grader.

Third place went to another NNV Math club member (12th grader - Not in the picture).
This 12th grader just got acceptance letters to both...
Harvard, and to MIT !

He is yet undecided as to which university he will attend.

Both, the 1st place winner...
and the third place winner, left earlier as the contest had gone over about 2 hours.

Alex with his Silver Medal.

This makes his total for the 5 out of 6 of this series he had competed in:

2 Golds and 3 Silvers.

Alex had done very well against some tough competition.


After his competition...
we decided to go to Boca and Stampede reservoirs to see the sunset...
and to then go out to eat dinner.

As there are many photos of the reservoirs...
they will be in the next article.


  1. It is hard to believe that you have such beautiful spring blossoms as our trees are still quite bare here in the midwest.

    Good for Alex! And he looks very happy!

  2. I love Reno weather. We have four seasons, yet, not one of them is harsh. Each season has all the benefits of the season without any of the detractors. I simply love the weather here.

    He was especially happy in that he had seen steady improvement in his scores.


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