Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Snow Storm In Spring

Song:  Nascence Journey

Cover By:  MilanoPiano

Just a few days ago...
a freak Winter storm hit Reno.

It was just for one day...
and it had snowed almost all day.

The Spring blossoms were covered in snow.

A picture of blossoms covered in snow from our backyard.

A neighbors tree.

A neighborhood shot of a road going up to our house farther up the hill.

The poor blossoms must have been cold  :)

My wife and I decided to pick up Alex from UNR after his class
so we could take some snow shots of the campus.

Although we usually get snow in the mountains where we live...
UNR rarely gets any appreciable amounts.

This day was the exception...
it was beautiful there.

We are near the campus here.

We parked where we had originally gone for the Spring blossom shots.

You don't have to worry about Alex.

As true mountain men...
we are cold hardy.

it was only just below freezing...
we only walked around for about half an hour...
and there was very little wind.

Without wind...
even temperatures well below freezing are merely brisk  :)

Moving water takes lower temperatures to freeze.

Alex with a snowball in hand.

Some neighborhood people took their young children to play in the snow.


Alex has been steadily working on his online high school classes.

In just one class alone (AP US History)...
he has one to two essays a week he must complete.

I will give examples in the next article.

we are going out to try a new Sushi restaurant.

Alex is looking forward to it...
as he has been working so hard.

He deserves special treats often.

Of course...
we also love sushi  :)


  1. Looks like this post should have come before the one with all the beautiful spring blossoms! ;) Beautiful shots of the snow!

  2. It was a strange occurrence. It is all warm and beautiful now :)


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