Friday, March 4, 2016

Alex Gets A New Phone

Song:  Come Saturday Morning

Artist:  Rumer

As our old plan had expired...
we decided to get new phones for each of us.

We got the iPhone 6s Plus.

We also got a family plan with unlimited data
(it was actually less expensive than our old carrier).

This is important...
for me.

Now, during my waits at Alex's many math competitions...
I may watch streaming movies  :)

Alex sitting in front of his mother's computer while talking with her on his phone
(It was charging at the time).

They were trying out their phones...
and setting them up to track each other.

His mother was right behind him as they spoke.

I also bought a backpack to carry everything I normally use.

Alex already has a similar backpack.

I now need one since the phone is much larger than our old ones.
I can no longer carry it in one of my pockets.

I may now carry my phone, iPad, a battery pack for the phone...
books, water, camera with all of its accessories...etc.

I had bought the same style hard case for our phones
since it had worked very well for our last phones.

It is shock, dirt, and water resistant.

This is important, as we will be carrying them everywhere
($15.00 on Amazon).

This is the battery pack I had gotten...
and will carry in my backpack.

It has the largest capacity available on Amazon
(About $50.00 on Amazon).

I may now watch movies all day long without worrying about battery life
(many of Alex's math competitions run for 10 - 12 hours).


Actually, we had to get another phone for Alex.

He had lost his old one at one of his math competitions.

I know some may be thinking that he should have had 
to have bought his next phone with his own money...
and that it should have been a cheap flip style phone.

My thoughts on this matter?

Were Alex more like I was at his age...
in order to teach him responsibility...
I would agree.

Alex demonstrates, on a daily basis...
his very strong sense of responsibility and maturity
through his self driven daily study habit.

As Alex works exceptionally hard in his studies...
he had already earned a new phone.

It was a simple case of forgetfulness while focusing
on an important task (math competition).

I had also once lost my old phone.

However, my forgetfulness was inexcusable.
I was just fortunate to have been able to retrieve it
(it was at a restaurant...the staff had kept it).

So, as I wasn't too hard on myself for my boneheadedness...
I also had to easily forgive my son for the same act.

Not only that...
Alex had gone to the university lost and found...
and he had also contacted other people at the contest
to see if they had seen his phone...
before alerting us to the status of his phone a couple of days later.

When he had told us this...
I was not angry in the least.

I was glad that Alex had sought to remedy his own problem first.

As this issue was not time dependent...
his course of action was the correct one.

This clearly demonstrated his maturity...
and so, had given just another reason 
Alex deserved another high quality phone.

To those who dare...
to those who give more of themselves...
to those who perform at a higher level...
to those...go the higher rewards.

                                                          - Shiroi Tora

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