Thursday, March 10, 2016

Alex At The Local Awards Ceremony For His 'Voice Of Democracy' Essay

Alex reading his 1st place winning local 'Voice Of Democracy' essay
at the local Veterans of Foreign Wars awards ceremony
(they had no microphones...but Alex's voice was loud and clear).

This is an annual National contest.

This year's theme was:  My Vision For America

Alex's essay, in full, is at the bottom of this article.

I was a little late in catching the whole speech.
Alex had started reading his speech before I could position myself.

Although Alex's essay hadn't placed in the next tier...
he had taken first place in the local division...
and so, he was awarded a medal and $150.00.

We had just arrived and we decided to walk around before going to our seat inside.

The man in charge of the essay program first called up the middle school 1st place winner.

She was in the 7th grade...
and she had placed second in the State for middle schoolers.

This was exactly what Alex had done when he was a 7th grader.
Alex had taken second in the State for the Patriot's Pen national essay contest
when he was in the 7th grade.

This year...
Alex competed in the high school category...
and their essay contest is called the 'Voice Of Democracy' national essay contest.

Alex had taken 1st place in the local division.

the middle school champion was called up to read her essay.

She was a very bright and articulate girl...
and she was exceptionally well mannered.

She had won money for her win.

Then Alex was called up and he read his speech...

(just in case you missed the above video)

 he was given his money...

and his medal.

He will also be receiving a certificate a little later on.

Some of the members were surprised at Alex's extensive vocabulary  :)

We then ate dinner (Alex had ham and some chicken).

The ham was exceptional!
It was so tender, juicy, and flavorful.
I was blown away...they really had some of the best ham I have ever had.

Long after most had gone...
we finally departed.

Alex went to say his goodbyes to the remaining attending veterans and guests.

Many of the attendees had commented on how they really liked what Alex had to say.

Here is Alex's original essay:


In a few days...
Alex will be competing at the UC Berkeley math competition.

There will be plenty of pictures from there.


  1. I think Alex could write speeches for some of the presidential candidates. :) Wish more politicians would hold the views that he espoused.

  2. Alex has always enjoyed writing policies and procedures, as well as planning things out. He did a good job in his presentation, especially considering they had no PA system.


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