Sunday, March 20, 2016

Alex At Boca and Stampede Reservoirs After His Math Competition

Instrumental Variety

Right from the math competition at UNR...
we drove for less than 30 minutes to Boca Reservoir...
and then drove another 10 minutes to Stampede Reservoir.

The ease at which we may enjoy so much natural beauty
is just one of the many reasons I love living in Reno.

We stayed at Boca Reservoir for just a little while.

We were surrounded with beautiful scenery every where we went.

We then went up to Stampede Reservoir and stayed for over an hour.

Alex throwing snow balls.

We then backtracked a little ways in the car and stopped just on the other side of the dam.

We then walked to the middle of the dam to watch the sunset.

Alex and I enjoying the view together
(My wife had taken all of the photos of Alex and I together).

 Alex playing Musashi...with a stick.

Although I was hoping for more pinks and reds in this sunset...
it was still a nice amber one.

After departing Stampede Reservoir...
we went to our favorite Indian restaurant.

Alex had his favorite Indian drink...
Mango Lassi...

and his favorite meal...
Salmon Tikka.

I had one of my favorites...
 Murg Dosa.

The crepe is filled with Indian BBQ chicken...
and spiced potatoes
(Which I dipped in mint and sweet chutneys).

We had a full day...
and we ended it with full bellies  :)


Alex has math club tomorrow...
and they are now meeting at UNR.

One of the older students is going to be giving a class on Combinatorics.

Alex is looking forward to it.


Alex had just recently gotten a perfect score on a Japanese conversational test.

Although next week is the start of his Spring Break...
Alex will be filling most of his days with his studies.

we will also take a few nearby sightseeing breaks over the holidays.


  1. I still marvel over the beauty of your area. Seems like you have your choice of many great spots to get away from it all.

  2. There are just so many beautiful places all around us here. I am going to miss Reno once we move to where ever Alex goes to full time University.


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