Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Past Few Days For Alex

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This past Saturday...
Alex was invited by his one of his old math teachers
to speak briefly of his experience at the 2014 State finals of Mathcounts...
and of his #1 individual win there...
and of his experience at the Mathcounts Nationals.

His old math teacher is putting together math clubs 
for elementary, middle, and high school math competitions.

He had asked Alex if he would help coach the middle schoolers
who were working toward the Mathcounts competition.

Alex is volunteering an hour and a half on Saturdays 
so these middle schoolers may learn how to have strong math skills...
perhaps to even have strong enough math skills to compete well.

His old math teacher (in light blue)...
had some of the Alumni from the previous Mathcounts competitions 
from Coral Academy of Science speak of their experiences in the competition.

The room was filled with the many children (who were in attendance with their parents)
who were interested in joining the math club.

The tall young man standing next to Alex is the Thai exchange student
who was with Alex at the Caltech math competition.

He had spoken of his love of math and he had told the children and parents 
how higher math is an exercise of logic.

After the parents were given a tour of the campus...
I filled the white board with some of the means and methods we...
 as parents, had used in our raising of Alex...
along with some of his accomplishments.

I had done this to give these parents these same means and methods
so their children could get, and stay, ahead in school.

The means and methods are the same I have been harping on 
all throughout my blog.

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Later that night...
a snow storm moved in...
and where we live...
more than a foot and a half of snow had accumulated.

It had snowed so much that his Sunday math club was cancelled.

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So, this gave Alex more time to study.

As I have explained so many times before...
it is that of having a daily study habit that is key to doing well in school.

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Alex is self driven...
and what he likes to do is to fully concentrate on one class
until he feels that his concentration starts to wane...
and he will then start to work on another class for a while.

  (My wife's picture)
  (My wife's picture)

As you can see here...
Alex was working on his AP English class (Online high school)...
and he then started working on his Game Theory class (UNR).

  (My wife's picture)
  (My wife's picture)

The construction of a basic logic tree depicting branching possibilities 
as a particular game or situation progresses...
and when certain decisions are made.

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Alex well knows that it is not the mere quantity of study which is key...
but that it is the quantity of quality of study which makes the difference.

When he starts to lose concentration with one subject...
he simply moves on to another one for a while...
and he then returns to the original subject.

In this manner, he always keeps his mind fresh
(and so, in keeping with the study mantra of that which is of prime importance...
the quantity of quality of study).

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A day or so later...
the sky cleared up
(my wife's picture from our front yard).

The snow buildup at my mother's house.

Two pictures near our neighborhood today.

As you can see...
the clouds were moving back in...
but it was still a very nice day.

Alex is busy studying right now...
as it has always been as part of his daily study habit.

On weekends and holidays
he still studies...
but for a shorter period of time...
but daily nonetheless. 


  1. Good for Alex for coaching the middle schoolers. I'm sure they will benefit from his experience and advice.

    You are having a lot more snow than last winter. Any plans to go skiing? It sure looks beautiful!

  2. Actually, I have decided to not go skiing (downhill) anymore. Alex's life is starting blossom. I must now limit his unnecessary exposure to risk. I began to really look into the ski slope design for the beginner run. There is a section which is very poorly designed, and which forces beginners into a funneled slope while subjecting them into a tree lined turn. They had no barriers at this point...just a monitor standing in the area. A monitor to help after the fact, is almost no help at all. A high rate of speed combined with an immovable object means head trauma at the least. We are thinking of either looking into a different ski area, or other winter fun. Besides the issue of safety, Alex had fun, but not great fun. He had a great few experiences on the slopes, but, it is not something he wishes to keep doing.

  3. I enjoy reading your blog. Your son's Game Theory class looks very interesting. The explanations of the study techniques employed by your son are very helpful.

  4. Thank you very much. I am glad to have an appreciative reader.

    Thank you for reading and commenting.


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