Monday, February 15, 2016

Alex At The 2016 A Star High School Math Competition

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This photo was taken about one week ago
after the 5th of the series of 6 math Math League contests 
Alex has been competing in at UNR.

Alex had gotten the Silver Medal for the High School category.

This makes a total of 2 Silver and 2 Gold medals.

There is one more contest to go.


Just a couple of days ago...
Alex had competed in the A Star Math Competition for High School students.

This took place in Sunnyvale, CA.

It took us 4 hours to drive there...
so we had gotten up at 2:30 AM and started our drive at approximately 3 AM.

Once we arrived in a nearby city...
we stopped for breakfast...
and we then had arrived early at the contest site 
to await the other team members of NNV Math club competitors.

There were math teams from, mostly, the San Francisco bay area.

As I have said before...
some of the nation's brightest young mathematicians reside there.

After the first phase...
Alex went to look at the posted solutions to check on his results.

Alex said he had done better this year...
and that he felt happy because he is learning more with each competition.

Alex with some of his team members.

Although their team hadn't placed...
it is always a good learning experience for all the participants.

I had missed the awards ceremony because I was resting in the car in the parking lot.

Alex said that he had not recognized the top placers in this contest.

After the contest...
we went out to our favorite Korean restaurant in San Jose, CA...
Korean Palace.

We each had ordered Beef Bulgogi.

We have long come here.

The food is authentic, and absolutely delicious...every time.

Afterwards, on our way home...
we stopped by our old neighborhood (before moving to Reno, NV).

Alex has sweet memories of his young childhood there.

We then drove back home...
 and had arrived at about 12:30 AM.

Alex has another math contest in a couple of days.

As always...
Alex is studying everyday...
not just for math competitions...
but for his regular school subjects.

Many of Alex's previous, and present, math team members
have already been accepted to very prestigious universities.

In a couple of years...
Alex will be applying to all of the top universities as well.

This Summer...
Alex will also be getting his driving permit
(I will be giving him driving lessons everyday).

Life is moving so quickly now.


  1. Congrats to Alex on another terrific performance! He continues to shine against some of the top math students in the country. Great job!

  2. Actually, his silver medal was from his Reno, Nevada competition. At the A Star competition his team hadn't placed. The SF Bay area children are among the top in the nation.

    Next month, Alex will be going to the UC Berkeley math competition with his math club (NNV Math Club).


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