Thursday, January 7, 2016

Some Neighborhood Photos - Sunset / Snow / Sunrise

Song:  Dancing On The Clouds

Artist:  Jennifer Thomas

Here are some shots from the past couple of weeks.

My wife had taken these with her little point and shoot camera.

These sunset and sunrise photos were taken from our front and back yards.

We so often have magical displays of great color in our sunrises and sunsets here.

Again, being we live just over a mile in elevation...
and many of the clouds form over the Sierra Nevadas just West of us...
as they drift over us, and sometimes very low over us...
the rising and setting sun fills the sky with a wide range and depth of colors.

This little boy was trying to help his father shovel snow.

But, he soon realized that he was in over his head on this job, and so...

he decided that it was more work than fun...
and let his father do the job.

We were on a country drive here.

These sunrise photos were taken just a couple of days ago.

Alex was getting ready to give a lecture at the Winter Math Camp.

We had left for the math camp just a short while after this photo was taken.

As the sun started to break free of the cloud cover...
the hills started to light up as the sun continued its rising arc in the sky.

This will be my last post for over a week.

We will be flying to Japan to visit my wife's relatives.

My next several articles will be of our trip to Japan.


  1. Beautiful photos!

    You must be in Japan by now. Have a wonderful trip! I look forward to reading all about it.

  2. Thank you. Actually, we will be leaving in a few hours. I will have many pictures from Japan...and, hopefully, some stories to tell.


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