Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Alex's Winter Math Camp Lecture Notes - III

Song:  A Beautiful Storm

Artist:  Jennifer Thomas

This article is of the lecture notes from Alex's third lecture
at the NNV Winter Math Camp.

The founder of the NNV Math Club
will be making all the lecture notes from all of her
lecturers available on her web page for each student
to peruse at their leisure.

Alex had given his third, and final, lecture today.

He will continue to help out at the Winter Math Camp
throughout the rest of the week.

He will help tutor any student who doesn't understand any
of the material presented.

As I had said before...
these lecture notes will help middle school students
who are having trouble understanding math at school...
or for advanced students who feel that school is going too slowly for them...
and so, are feeling bored.

These notes will be of special help for homeschoolers.

In my next article...
I will include some photos my wife had taken over the past couple of weeks 
in front of, and in back of, our house.

The pictures will be of some of the snow in our neighborhood...
as well as some sunset and sunrise photos.

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