Monday, January 4, 2016

Alex's Winter Math Camp Lecture Notes - II

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Artist:  Elijah Bossenbroek

Alex had fun on this, the first day of the NNV Winter Math Camp.

All the children were leaving with excitement in their eyes
at the conclusion of the first day of math camp.

The children had commented on how much they had learned...
and how much fun they had.

Alex will be giving two lectures tomorrow
(the previous article's lecture notes...and this one).

Alex is looking forward to teaching the Math camp children
the basics of competition math.

These elementary and middle school children are looking forward
to this year's MATHCOUNTS competition...
and for all the other coming math competitions.

My next article will be on Alex's longest lecture.

It will be the last of his notes which he will present in lecture format in a couple of days:

'Systems Of Single And Multi Variable Equations
 And Their Applications In Problem Solving Mathematics.'


  1. I am curious about how the topics for the lectures assigned to the various tutors. Did Alex get to choose his topics or were they assigned by the founder of the math club? He is so strong at all topics... did they let others have first choice?

  2. I believe the children talked among themselves during their practices. They each know the others strengths and weaknesses. I am sure the founder also made gentle suggestions as to who might be best for certain areas. There were also some weaker members who had very good insight into what would need to be focused on for the children to understand later concepts, as they had had to struggle with the same areas initially.

    This is what really surprises me about Alex. In many areas of math, it comes easily to him, yet, he seems to understand how to have his students gain understanding. He is able to see where someone else is having a problem and he comes up with the appropriate corrective measures so they can really conceive of, and apply, the concepts. Alex often comments on how he really loves seeing his student's eyes light up with understanding and how much they improve thereafter.


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