Saturday, January 23, 2016

Alex Goes To Japan 2016 X - The Magical Haneda International Airport

Song:  Until The Last Moment

Artist:  Yanni

This is my last article on our trip to Japan.

Walking into Haneda International Airport was like waking into a fantasy.

Our arrival at Haneda International Airport.

This was a multi-tiered area of shops, restaurants, and attractions.

(My wife's photo)

Alex wanted to try a flight simulator.

Alex 'took off' from Haneda International Airport...
and 'landed' at Honolulu International Airport...
a little off the runway...
but still landed  :)

We then went to an outside observation deck.

We stopped in at a cafe.

My wife and I had a very delicious Matcha drink each...
and Alex had a Matcha dessert.

Alex was happy since they had free WiFi in the airport.

I just loved sitting and watching the lights change colors.

After shopping and walking around some more...
we went back to the outside observation deck.

I had bought my mother some 'Hello Kitty' items.

This was a unique way of selling items.

I tried to buy my mother a thick quilted coat...
but the sales lady said that all of those particular items
were only available through lotto.

I bought a ticket and reached into the inflated lotto ticket dispenser...
and ended up 'winning'...
a couple of pair of 'Hello Kitty' socks  :)

We enjoyed a last meal before our flight.

Alex loves broiled Unagi (freshwater eel).

My wife enjoyed beef sukiyaki.

 (My wife's photo)

 (My wife's photo)

We still had 3 hours to go until our boarding time...
so we went to the boarding area where Alex could plug in to a charging station...
and enjoy the WiFi.

  (My wife's photo)

Our arrival in Reno...
after a flight change in San Francisco.

My camera battery had died a little earlier.

I had wanted to show the very comfortable
777 we had ridden on the way back to the USA.

As I had mentioned before...
there was plenty of room...
and there was a touch screen which had a complete entertainment 
video system built into the back headrests of each seat.

I watched two and a half movies on our way back.

My advice to travelers to and from Japan:

Fly into and out of Haneda International Airport...
and plan to spend several hours looking around inside...
it is well worth it.

Fly on a 777 or a 787...
the difference in comfort levels from a 747 is huge.

  (My wife's photo)

Alex only wanted a couple of souvenirs from Japan.

  (My wife's photo)

 (My wife's photo)

Two days after our arrival back in Reno...
Alex started his first day of the University of Nevada Reno Spring Semester.

He had gotten into his desired math class:

Game Theory

We have been catching up on sleep...
and Alex has been studying.

It is now beyond midnight...
and I have a mad craving for a midnight pizza and an ice cold O'douls...
and I know just the place to satisfy this craving.

All is back to normal :)


  1. I enjoyed reading all of your posts about your trip to Japan. Alex's grandparents looked so happy to have all of you visit them. I'm sure it was hard for them when you left.

    Looks like you had a lot of delicious Japanese food throughout the trip.

    How did Alex enjoy the week? Was he able to converse in Japanese with his relatives?

    Haneda airport looks beautiful. I did not know anything about it. Unfortunately, I just looked for flights and it seems like there are no direct flights for us from Chicago.

    Hope you are resting up!

  2. Alex enjoyed out trip except the lack of WiFi. Alex could converse on a very basic level only. We all had a great time. It was good to see my wife's relatives. It was especially good for Alex to experience Japan with more mature eyes.

    Haneda was such a beautiful surprise. I had never seen the likes of it anywhere. The colors were stupendous. Just remember, only the International terminal was decorated in such a fashion. The Domestic terminal looked plain in comparison. It was one of the highlights of our trip.

    On our way to Japan, we flew into Narita, and then took a bus to Haneda Domestic. Only on our way out did we see Haneda International Terminal. Also, fly by 777. It had a full entertainment system in every seat back. Kai will love it the whole trip.

    I am still a little tired from our trip...but the trip was so worth it.


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